Canguard Health Technologies on Monday said it has filed a motion todismiss a patent infringement suit filed in Canadian Federal Court byDeprenyl Research Ltd. and Chinoin Pharmaceutical and Chemical Works Co. Ltd.

The dispute involves Canguard's development of a generic based onl-deprenyl, called Parkinyl. Chinoin, a Hungarian company, licensed Canadianrights to its production patent on l-deprenyl to Deprenyl Research.Deprenyl calls its version Eldepryl. The drug is a treatment for late-stageParkinson's disease.

Canguard (VSE:CGD) and Deprenyl (NASDAQ:DEPLF) announced in January thatthey had agreed to seek an out-of-court settlement. Canguard is stillpursuing an out-of-court settlement, according to its president, JohnArmstrong. If one is not reached by March 16, the Canadian court willrule on Canguard's motion to dismiss the infringement case and onDeprenyl's request for an injunction preventing Canguard from marketingParkinyl.

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