Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. has filed its first investigational newdrug application, to test its antisense drug in the treatment ofgenital warts.

If granted, the anti-papillomavirus compound will be the firstantisense drug injected into humans. Last year, Genta Inc.(NASDAQ:GNTA) filed an IND for a topical antisense compound.

Papillomavirus causes a variety of diseases, the most prevalentbeing genital warts. Available treatment, primarily surgical, isnot curative, but the antisense approach should be, according tothe Carlsbad, Calif., company.

The initial trials will employ localized injection of the drug, Isis2105, into the warts.

Infection by the virus of the cervix also is linked to cancer, andto infection of babies born to infected mothers.

Isis shares (NASDAQ:ISIP) gained 25 cents to $15.25.

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