TheraTech Inc. of Salt Lake City will develop transdermaldelivery systems for Syntex U.S.A. under a collaborativeagreement announced Thursday. As part of the deal, Syntex willacquire an undisclosed equity position in TheraTech.

Syntex drugs that will be delivered by the skin patch systemswill include reproductive and pain or inflammation products.Syntex U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Syntex Corp. of Palo Alto,Calif., will have worldwide marketing rights to all productsdeveloped from the collaboration. TheraTech will manufacturethe delivery systems and receive sales royalties.

The collaboration will yield skin delivery of new chemicalentities, Syntex drugs that are now in Phase I or II clinicaltesting, said TheraTech President Dinesh Patel.

TheraTech has controlled-release products in various stages ofclinical testing, with equity, research and licensingagreements with Pfizer Inc. U.S.A., Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc.U.S.A. and the Sam Yang Group of Korea. -- RF

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