PARAVAX GETS SBIR FOR VACCINEParavax Inc., which develops vaccines to control parasites inanimals, has received a $50,000 Phase I Small BusinessInnovation Research grant from the National Institute ofAllergy and Infectious Diseases to develop a recombinantvaccine against Toxoplasma gondii.

T. gondii is a microscopic parasite that infects humans, cats,cows, sheep and pigs. Infections in humans can lead to death inimmunocompromised patients or birth defects.

Paravax is focusing on recombinant P30, the major surfaceantigen of the parasite. P30 has been shown to elicit animmune response in experimental animals. Stanford Universityhas filed for a patent on the antigen, and Paravax has licensedexclusive rights to use it in a vaccine.

The privately held Mountain View, Calif., company is alsodeveloping a non-recombinant Toxoplasma vaccine using amutant, non-reproductive strain of Toxoplasma.


Interferon Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: IFSC), a New Brunswick, N.J.,developer of alpha interferon products for treating cancers andviral and immune diseases, has received Food and DrugAdministration approval for its expanded manufacturingfacility and improved manufacturing process of Alferon NInjection, a natural-source interferon product designed totreat external genital warts.

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