Quadra Logic Technologies Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia,on Friday said Barry W. Steiger has resigned as vice presidentof clinical development.

Steiger's resignation follows last Wednesday's departure ofcompany founder James Miller, who was president, chairmanand chief executive officer, to found another company. Steiger,who cited personal and family reasons for returning to theUnited States, will remain an interim consultant on clinicalactivities and will serve on QLT's science advisory board.

A company spokeswoman said Steiger had been with QLT foronly three and a half months and that the two resignationswere not related. Its stock (NASDAQ:QLTIF) closed at $7, down63 cents, on Friday.

Oclassen Pharmaceuticals Inc. of San Rafael, Calif., has namedPriscilla A. Myrick vice president of finance and administration,and chief financial officer. Myrick had been controller atGenentech Inc. Oclassen acquires and develops treatments fordermatologic and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. William W. Ruehl Jr. has been named director of scientificaffairs at Deprenyl Animal Health Inc. (NASDAQ:DAHI) ofOverland Park, Kan. The company is developing 1-deprenyl, aninhibitor of naturally occurring enzymes thought to cause agingin dogs. Ruehl was assistant professor of pathology at StanfordUniversity Medical School.

The Research Institute of Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, Calif., willadd a new Department of Cell Biology on July 1. Norton B.Gilula, Ph.D, dean of graduate studies at Scripps, has beennamed chairman of the new department, which will researchrelationships between cell and viral structures and functions.Sydney Brenner, Ph.D., director of the molecular genetics unitof the Medical Research Council in Cambridge, England, will bea visiting department member. -- Jeff Hutkoff.

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