New York's Center for Biotechnology is providing almost$25,000 to fund a six-month collaboration between MagneticResonance Technology Corp. of New York City and Dr. LucianWielopolski of the department of radiation oncology at theState University of New York, Stony Brook. The corporate anduniversity researchers are contributing matching funds-in-kind, such as equipment, personnel and expertise, said Centerspokeswoman Diane Fabel.

The project will investigate the effect of static magnetic fieldson normal and neoplastic cancer cells. The project is funded bythe Center's Small Business Research and DevelopmentProgram, set up last year to promote collaborations betweensmall New York biotech companies and research institutions."We hope that by funding such collaborations, we will advancecompanies to the stage that they can apply for financing fromsources such as venture capital and SBIR (Small BusinessInnovative Research) grants," said Fabel. The center receivesup to 1 percent sales royalties on products developed throughits programs, she added.

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