AZT/VACCINE COMBINATION TO BE TESTEDThe first human clinical trials to evaluate a combinationtherapy of AZT and an AIDS vaccine begin this week inStockholm.

The studies, sponsored by MicroGeneSys Inc. of Meriden, Conn.,and the National Bacteriological Laboratory in Stockholm, willtest the ability of AZT (azidothymidine) to enhance VaxSynHIV-1's immunotherapeutic actions in 40 HIV-positive butasymptomatic volunteers.

AZT, the only Food and Drug Administration-approved therapyfor AIDS, inhibits viral replication. VaxSyn HIV-1,MicroGeneSys' AIDS vaccine consisting of a gp-160 HIV-1 coatprotein, has been in clinical trials since 1987.Immunotherapeutic clinical trials have shown that VaxSynHIV-1 promotes antibody synthesis and T cell action in HIV-1-positive patients.


Marrow-Tech. Inc. of La Jolla, Calif., said it will redeem all of itsclass B warrants on May 1. If all of the 3.4 million warrantsoutstanding are exercised, the company will receive grossproceeds of $14.5 million and issue 3.8 million shares ofcommon stock.

The warrants will be exercisable at a price of $4.20 perwarrant, for which the holder will receive 1.1 shares ofMarrow-Tech common stock (NASDAQ:MAROA).

As of Jan. 31, 4.1 million class B warrants with a cumulativeexercise price of $17.3 million were outstanding. ThroughMarch 31, the company grossed $2.8 million and issued741,000 shares from the exercise of 673,000 warrants.

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