Patent Number: 4,990,607Assignee: Rockefeller UniversityDescription: 12 claims for a chimeric gene to alter geneexpression in plants.

U.S. Class: 530-327Patent Number: 4,990,596Assignee: Northwestern UniversityDescription: 1 claim for a synthetic peptide compound thatproduces antibodies with enhanced binding to the lactatedehydrogenase enzyme found in human semen.

U.S. Class: 530-392Patent Number: 4,990,597Assignee: Behringwerke Aktiengesellschaft, of GermanyDescription: 10 claims for a process to purify the protein PP4from placental tissue.

U.S. Class: 435-222Patent Number: 4,990,452Assignee: Genex Corp., Gaithersburg, MDDescription: 2 claims for a heat-stable subtilisin encoded by amutant gene.

U.S. Class: 435-240.27Patent Number: 4,990,454Assignee: Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd. of JapanDescription: 2 claims for the YH206 cell line and the monoclonalantibody it produces.

U.S. Class: 435-69.5Patent Number: 4,990,455Assignee: Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., of JapanDescription: 10 claims for a DNA sequence encoding novelhuman tumour necrosis factor polypeptide mutants.

U.S. Class: 35-69.1Patent Number: 4,990,446Assignee: Labofina, S.A., BelgiumDescription: 20 claims for a promoter that ensures expressionin yeast of genes encoding polypeptides and its use in theproduction of those polypeptides.

-- Rachel Nowak BioWorld Staff U.S. Class: 536-27

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