U.S. Class: 514--54Patent Number: 4,983,584Title: Therapeutic and Prophylactic Agents for Peptic UlcersInventors: Chikara Fukaya, Hitoshi Yasuda, Toshiaki Akira,Masakazu Iwai, Kanemichi Okano, Kazumasa YokoyamaAssignee: Green Cross Corp., Osaka, JapanFiling Date: Nov. 23, 1987; claims priority, app. Japan, Nov. 22,1986Claims: Eight claims for the use of cyclohexane derivatives toeither prevent or treat peptic ulcers. Cyclohexanes are ringedcarbon compounds.

U.S. Class: 514--510Patent Number: 4,983,628Title: Leukotriene AntagonistsInventors: Richard Frenette, Joshua Rokach, MasatoshiKakushima, Robert N. YoungAssignee: Merck Frosst Canada Inc., Kirkland, CanadaFiling Date: Jan. 3, 1989; cip of Jan. 16, 1987, Oct. 17, 1984(U.S.P. 4,683,325), Jan. 23, 1984, and Oct. 27, 1983 filingsClaims: Nine claims for organic compounds that are leukotrieneantagonists. Leukotrienes regulate allergic and inflammatoryreactions. Leukotriene antagonists may block unwanted allergicor inflammatory responses.

U.S. Class: 514--724Patent Number: 4,983,637Title: Method for Treating Viral Infection of HIVInventor: Stephen Herman of Villa Park, Calif.Assignee: NoneFiling Date: June 8, 1989; cip of June 24, 1989 filing (Editors'note: We were unable to resolve this conflict in dates beforePatent Flash! went to press.)Claims: Eight claims for the use of an injectable terpenederivative to treat HIV infections. The claimed derivative is anozonide of terpene. Terpenes are hydrocarbons isolated fromoils, resins and other vegetable aromatic products. Ozonides areozone-containing compounds.

U.S. Class: 562--623Patent Number: 4,983,567Title: Immunomodulators and Methods of Making SameInventor: Sun H. KimAssignee: Biomeasure Inc., Hopkinton, Mass.Filing Date: May 25, 1989; div. of March 16, 1987 (U.S.P.4,871,870) filingClaims: Six claims for immunomodulator compounds and formethods to make these compounds. The claimedimmunomodulators are organic carbon ring containing-compounds. Immunomodulators regulate the immune response.They may be used to suppress unwanted immune reactionssuch as tissue graft rejection.011191PATENTS2

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