Company Product Description Indication Status
Shuwen Biotech Co. Ltd., of Deqing, China Point-of-care preeclampsia diagnostic Urine-based screening kit Detects preeclampsia in pregnant women Researchers from China Medical University's Shengjing Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center in New York published a study in PLOS One; collected urine from 1,532 pregnant women hospitalized at 20-41 weeks gestation, regardless of the reason for hospitalization, and prospectively tested misfolded proteins in pregnant women's urine using Shuwen's patented point-of-care test device; results showed a very high screening performance in a first-to-be studied Chinese population
Thirona BV, of Nijmegen, Netherlands, and Delft Imaging Systems BV, of 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands CAD4COVID Artificial intelligence-based software Detects COVID-19 characteristics on chest X-ray images Data published in Radiology showed that CAD4COVID can perform comparably to radiologists in triaging suspected COVID-19 cases; CAD4COVID tested on X-rays of 454 patients suspected to have COVID-19 pneumonia; of these patients, 223 were COVID-19 confirmed cases and 231 tested negative for the virus; the detection of COVID-19 characteristics on chest X-ray images by CAD4COVID was comparable to that of 6 independent expert readers


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