The Advanced Medical Technology Association said it is among 26 “health care groups” that have signed a document providing guidelines for re-entry to health care facilities for health care professionals and medical device representatives. The guidelines were preceded by an April 17 roadmap for resumption of elective surgeries, and stipulates that social distancing and remote support should be practiced to the greatest degree possible. Medical device representatives should be screened for COVID-19 by the same means that hospital staff are, which includes checking for fever, cough and anosmia, and should don personal protective equipment provided by the hospital. The guidance also provides recommendations for the use of respirator masks and other personal protective equipment. Advamed President and CEO Scott Whitaker said in a June 10 statement that the guidance may help to encourage many patients to resume care they had previously avoided owing to concerns regarding the pandemic.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said it will hold a July 22 virtual meeting of the Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee to review the evidence for noninvasive positive pressure ventilation for chronic respiratory failure secondary to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The agency is seeking feedback on appropriate patient selection and usage criteria, and said it will provide a hyperlink to the webcast at a later date.

Health Canada said in a June 10 statement that it has contacted an unspecified number of companies to advise that the N95 and other masks they are distributing may not meet safety and effectiveness standards. The agency said it has requested that the manufacturers and distributors to relabel products accordingly.

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