Achieve Life Sciences Inc., of Seattle, said it entered a securities purchase agreement with certain institutional investors providing for the purchase and sale of 14.63 million shares at 41 cents each in a registered direct offering, resulting in total gross proceeds of approximately $6 million. The company’s shares (NASDAQ:ACHV) closed Monday at 39 cents, down 6%.

Alx Oncology Inc., of Burlingame, Calif., has filed to raise up to $100 million in an IPO. In February, it completed a $105 million series C equity financing to support the expansion of the clinical development of ALX-148, described as a next-generation CD47 myeloid checkpoint inhibitor, in combination with cancer therapeutics, into additional solid tumor and hematologic indications. The company said it plans to rapidly move the compound into phase II trials. It has applied to list its shares on Nasdaq under the symbol ALXO.

Berkeley Lights Inc., of Emeryville, Calif., has filed to raise up to $100 million in an IPO. The company has a platform to provide an advanced environment for rapid functional characterization of single cells at scale. It has applied to list its shares on Nasdaq under the trading symbol BLI.

Biontech SE, of Mainz, Germany, said a private investment of $250 million (€223 million) has been made by Temasek and other accredited investors. The private placement includes an investment of approximately $139 million in ordinary shares and a $112 million investment in four-year mandatory convertible notes. Upon closing, private placement investors will receive 2.59 million ordinary shares. The convertible notes will come with a coupon of 4.5% per annum and a conversion premium of 20% above the reference price.

Biosig Technologies Inc., of Westport, Conn., and its majority-owned subsidiary, Viralclear Pharmaceuticals Inc., said it has closed on the sale of 2.18 million shares, at $8 each, in a registered direct offering. The gross proceeds were $17.5 million, and the net proceeds will support commercialization, working capital and general corporate purposes.

Editas Medicine Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., said it closed its underwritten offering of 6.9 million shares at $31.25 each, which includes 900,000 shares issued upon exercise in full by the underwriter of its option to purchase additional shares. Gross proceeds were approximately $215.6 million.

Geovax Labs Inc., of Atlanta, said it closed a private placement offering with an institutional investor and issued $1.2 million convertible senior secured debentures and warrants to purchase an aggregate of 2.4 million shares. The debentures accrue interest at a rate of 5% per annum and are initially convertible into shares of the company’s common stock at a conversion price of 50 cents per share.

Kiromic Biopharma Inc., of Houston, has established terms to raise up $25 million in an IPO and will sell 1.9 million shares at a price range of $12 to $14. The target discovery and gene editing company uses its Diamond computational platform and a neural network to identify new cancer immunological targets for T cells and B cells. The company said it has a pipeline of early stage product candidates targeting blood cancers and solid tumors. The company will list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol KRBP.

Pandion Therapeutics Inc., of Watertown, Mass., has filed to raise up to $75 million from an IPO. The proposed transaction follows an $80 million series B round in April. Its pipeline includes an interleukin-2 mutein Fc fusion protein therapy designed to selectively expand regulatory T cells for treating autoimmune disease. Pandion has PT-101 in a phase I trial for treating ulcerative colitis and said it plans to bring a second, unnamed candidate into the clinic. The company’s therapeutic platform is based on bispecific antibodies with targeting fragments that bind to specific tissues at the site of inflammatory disease, coupled with effector molecules that modulate immune activity to restore immune homeostasis. Its intermodulators, such as an IL-2 mutein or PD-1 agonist, are designed to systematically regulate immune system pathways that normally suppress uncontrolled autoimmune responses. They can be combined with tissue-selective tethers for building modular proteins and antibodies that target exactly where needed within an organ. The company plans to list its shares on Nasdaq under the ticker PAND.

Soleno Therapeutics Inc., of Redwood City, Calif., said it closed its underwritten public offering of 34.84 million shares, a total that includes 4.54 million shares by the underwriters who exercised their option to purchase additional shares at a public offering price of $1.65 per share. The net proceeds of the offering were approximately $53.7 million.

Therapix Biosciences Ltd., of Tel Aviv, Israel, said it entered definitive agreements with several accredited and institutional investors and issued 5.2 million American depositary shares (ADSs) at 50 cent per ADS, and warrants to purchase up to 2.6 million ADSs in a private placement. The gross proceeds are expected to be $2.6 million, and the net proceeds from the offering will be used for general corporate purposes.

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