Published Sept. 2 (EPO); Aug. 27 (WO)


Abbott Labs WO 98/37180

Hepatitis therapeutics

Abbott Park, Ill.

Hepatitis C virus NS3 protease-NS4A cofactor protein fusions, encoding gene sequences; for identifying inhibitors.


Actinova WO 98/37186

DNA binding protein library

Cambridge, U.K.

In vitro peptide expression library for cis-acting proteins that bind DNA sequences.


Agrevo WO 98/37203

Fungicide assay

Hauxton, U.K.

Fungicide agent testing by measuring inhibition of 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase.


Asahi EPO 861 894

Differentiation suppressing protein

Osaka, Japan

Protein that suppresses the growth and differentiation of undifferentiated blood cells; for therapeutics.


Bearsden Bio WO 98/37422

RNA binding protein sites

Aston, Pa.

Methods for identifying binding sites in RNA binding proteins; for drug design.


Burstein Labs WO 98/37238

Gene sequencer methods

San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Gene sequencer, bio-compact disk, sample prep methods; for gene sequencing strategies.


California, Univ. of WO 98/37085

Netrin receptors

Oakland, Calif.

Netrin receptors, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, production methods; for affecting cell guidance.


California, Univ. of WO 98/37228

IkappaB kinase subunit peptides

Oakland, Calif.

IkappaB kinase catalytic subunit polypeptides that inhibit NF-kappaB transcription factor; encoding gene sequences.


California, Univ. of WO 98/37415

Ulcerative colitis immunotherapy

Oakland, Calif.

Ulcerative colitis pANCA secretory vesicle antigen; for immunotherapy that causes tolerance.


Calif. Inst. Technol. WO 98/37066, 37067, 37087

DNA-binding polyamides

Pasadena, Calif.

Polyamides for specific DNA sequences, double-stranded DNA minor groove binding, and major groove binding inhibition.


Case Western Res. Univ. WO 98/37174

Transgenic IgG3 knockouts


Transgenic knockout animals having disrupted IgG3 genes and lacking IgG3; for screening therapeutics.


CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Sci. Res.) WO 98/37234

Characterizing nucleic acid duplexes


At least partially paired nucleic acid duplexes sorted by measuring the forces necessary to separate paired sequences.


Chiron WO 98/37208

Heterologous proteins from yeast

Siena, Italy

Yeast cell production system in which protein factors catalyzing disulfide bond formation are co-expressed.


Corixa WO 98/37093

Prostate cancer immunotherapy


Polypeptides derived from prostate tumor protein, encoding gene sequences; for prostate cancer immunotherapy.


Cornell Univ. WO 98/37235

Drug candidate screen

Ithaca, N.Y.

Promoter elements implicated in cancer and inflammation linked to reporter genes; for testing drug candidates.


Craig, N. WO 98/37205

Transposon insertion regulation


ATP-utilizing regulatory transposition proteins that allow insertion of transposons in a non-specific manner.


Dade Behring EPO 861 896

Cell volume-regulated kinase

Marburg, Germany

Cell volume- and serum/glucocorticoid-regulated, serine-threonine kinase, encoding gene, antibodies [in German].


Forssmann, W.-G. WO 98/37191

Neutrophil lymphocyte peptides

Hannover, Germany

Polypeptides of specific sequence that are human circulating neutrophil lymphocyte peptides.


French Atomic Energy Comm. WO 98/37098

Graft rejection transgenics


Cells and transgenics expressing HLA-G isoforms; for inhibiting natural killer cells and graft rejection.


Galderma Intl. Dermatol. Res. Ctr. WO 98/37053

Apoptosis ligands

Valbonne, France

Retinoid receptor involved in cellular apoptosis; for identifying apoptosis ligands.


Genentech EPO 861 893

High immunoglobulin expression

S. San Francisco

Production of immunoglobulin polypeptides at levels of one gram of protein per liter of cell culture medium.


Genentech WO 98/37200

IL-8 antibodies

S. San Francisco

Humanized anti-interleukin (IL)-8 monoclonal antibodies, vari-ants, conjugates; for treating inflammatory disorders.


Genetics Inst. WO 98/37094

Secreted protein genes

Cambridge, Mass.

Genes encoding secreted proteins, encoded proteins, vectors; for identifying secreted protein genes.


Genzyme Transgenics WO 98/37224

Non-secreted proteins in milk

Framingham, Mass.

Production of normally non-secreted proteins in the milk of transgenic animals.


Gist-Brocades WO 98/37179

Fermentative production

Delft, Netherlands

Fermentative production using microbial strains and chemically defined media.


Glaxo WO 98/37239

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Greenfield, U.K.

Measuring variations in arginine vasopressin gene; for diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome.


Heidelberg Univ. WO 98/37231

In situ hybridization probes

Heidelberg, Germany

DNA probe mixtures for in situ hybridization of nuclear DNA under non-denaturing conditions.


Hoechst Marion Roussel WO 98/37215

Beta-amyloid processing assay


Construction of eukaryotic cell lines expressing proteins that inhibit beta-amyloid processing.


Human Genome Sciences WO 98/37194

RNA polymerase elongation factors

Rockville, Md.

RNA polymerase II elongation factor peptides, encoding gene sequences; for diagnosis and treatment of cancers.


Hybridon WO 98/37188

Bacterial antibiotic resistance

Cambridge, Mass.

Synthetic oligos complementary to marORAB operon tran-scripts; for reducing bacterial antibiotic resistance.


Idec Pharma WO 98/37099

CD23 antibodies

San Diego

Monoclonal antibodies to CD23, the low affinity IgE receptor; for inhibiting allergic reactions and autoimmunity.


Imperial Cancer Res. Technol. WO 98/37207

Cytotoxins activated in tumors


Cytotoxic gene linked to a tumor suppressor-responsive promoter; for activation in cancer cells.


Incyte Pharma WO 98/37197

Microtubule-associated protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Microtubule-associated protein, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modu-lators.


Incyte Pharma WO 98/37198

Sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporter

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporter, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modulators.


Incyte Pharma WO 98/37199

Integral membrane protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human integral membrane protein, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modulators.


INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hlth. Med. Res.) EPO 861 891

Negative cell signalling


Compounds that cross-link a stimulatory receptor and a killer inhibitory receptor; for modulating cell signalling.


INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hlth. Med. Res.) WO 98/37192

Neurological cancer proteins


Use of ULIP proteins in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and paraneoplastic neurological syndromes.


INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hlth. Med. Res.) WO 98/37233

Damaged DNA assay


Isolation or assay of damaged DNA in biological samples; for screening cytotoxic products.


Isis Innovation WO 98/37217

Chemokine binding protein

Oxford, U.K.

Soluble vaccinia virus protein and fragments that bind CXC chemokines; for treating inflammatory diseases.


Johns Hopkins Univ. WO 98/36774

Cell growth control


Inhibition of cell growth by contacting cells with a glucose antimetabolite; for controlling proliferative disorders.


Johns Hopkins Univ. WO 98/37178

MHC immunomodulation


Proteolytically cleaved portion of MHC class II invariant chains, encoding gene sequences; for immunomodulation.


Kaji, A. WO 98/37202

Antibacterial development


Plasmids with genes encoding bacterial ribosome recycling factors; for developing antibacterials.


Krebs Res. Inst. WO 98/37209

Expressing heterologous proteins

Heidelberg, Germany

Vector for expressing heterologous proteins with 3' sequences that prevent opposite direction transcription.


Laval Univ. WO 98/37182

Artificial insemination catalase

Quebec City

Oviductal catalase that binds to spermatozoa membranes; for sperm protection and use in artificial insemination.


Ludwig Inst. WO 98/37196

GTPase activator

New York

PARG, a GTPase activating protein, fragments, variants, encoding gene sequences, antibodies.


Mississippi St. Univ. WO 98/37177

Nematode therapeutics

Mississippi St., Miss.

Viable cultured nematode parasite intestinal cells; for making antibodies and inducing immunogenic responses.


Nehls, M., et al. WO 98/37175

Directed mutagenesis vectors

The Woodlands, Texas

Vectors for directed mutagenesis by homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells.


Neutec Pharma EPO 861 892

Stress protein epitopes

Manchester, U.K.

Function epitopes of human stress protein 90, derivatives, production methods.


North Carolina, Univ. of WO 98/36779

Bone marrow gene therapy

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Specific targeting of immunogenic or therapeutic proteins to bone marrow cells using alphavirus vectors.


Novo Nordisk EPO 861 851

Human insulin analogues

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Human insulin analogues having specific amino acid residue substitutions.


Oklahoma Med. Res. Fdn. EPO 861 897

Bile salt-activated lipase

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Human milk bile-salt activated lipase, encoding gene sequences; for studying lipase function.


Oxford Biomedica WO 98/37089

Anti-HIV peptides

Oxford, U.K.

HIV-1 and 2 peptides, derivatives, encoding gene sequences; for treating HIV infections.


PPL Therapeutics WO 98/37183

Transgenic donor cells

Roslin, U.K.

Production of transgenic donor cells for nuclear transfer and obtaining phenotype prediction information.


Procter & Gamble WO 98/37092

Disintegrin metalloprotease


Human disintegrin metalloprotease, fragments, mutants, modulators, encoding gene sequences; for osteoarthritis.


QBI Enterprises WO 98/37189

Translational control elements

Nes-Ziona, Israel

Internal ribosome entry site sequences as translational control elements for expression vectors.


Regeneron Pharma WO 98/37195

BMP antagonists

Tarrytown, N.Y.

Antagonists of bone morphogenic protein (BMP) called b57 and DAN, encoding gene sequences; for therapeutics.


Saigene WO 98/37237

Diabetes susceptibility screen

Bothell, Wash.

Methods of detecting specific HLA alleles in biological samples that are associated with diabetes susceptibility.


Schepens Eye Res. Inst. WO 98/36641

CP2 function modulators


Small molecule modulators of CP2 function; for gene therapy to modulate Th1/Th2-mediated immunological responses.


SmithKline Beecham EPO 861 850

Tumor necrosis-related receptor

King of Prussia, Pa.

Tumor necrosis-related receptor, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.


SmithKline Beecham EPO 861 889, 890, 899



Lic polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for screening antibacterials.


SmithKline Beecham EPO 861 895

Staphylococcus antibacterials


Staphylococcus aureus aroE shikimate 5-dehydrogenase polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for antibacterials.


SmithKline Beecham EPO 861 898

Rat cathepsin K


Rat cathepsin K polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.


Strauss, M., et al. WO 98/37190

Apoptosis induction

Copenhagen, Denmark

Induction of apoptotic cell death in cancer cells by reducing the ratio of Rb to apoptosis-inducing proteins.


Takara Shuzo WO 98/37187

Cancer-associated genes

Kyoto, Japan

Cancer-associated genes; for measuring gene expression changes and diagnosing cancers.


Texas, Univ. of WO 98/37091

Retinoblastoma tumor suppressors

Austin, Texas

Retinoblastoma tumor suppressor proteins that have modified N-terminal regions; for treating abnormal cell growth.


Texas, Univ. of WO 98/37185

Adenoviral vectors

Austin, Texas

Tetracycline-regulated adenovirus vectors; for efficient gene expression in a broad range of hosts.


Therion Biologics WO 98/37095

Cancer vaccines

Cambridge, Mass.

Recombinant pox virus encoding MUCI tumor-associated antigen immunogenic fragments; for immunization against cancer.


TM Technologies WO 98/37240

Antisense oligo agents

Woburn, Mass.

Antisense oligonucleotides for making pharmacologic agents, production methods.


Uhlenkuken, J., et al. WO 98/37222

Polysaccharide preparation

Munster, Germany

Method of preparing defined, homogeneous length oligo- and polysaccharides using surface binding chemistry.


Virginia, Univ. of WO 98/36771

Contraceptive vaccines

Charlottesville, Va.

Labelling of cell surface proteins, isolation and sequencing of labelled proteins; for contraceptive vaccines.


Whitehead Inst. WO 98/37181

Teleomerase catalytic subunit

Cambridge, Mass.

Gene for the catalytic subunit of eukaryotic telomerase holoenzyme, encoded protein; for assessing malignancy.


Zurich Canton EPO 861 900 & WO 98/37210

Prion monoclonal antibodies

Zurich, Switzerland

Monoclonal antibodies that are specific for prions; for detection in various tissues and use as therapeutics.


Zymogenetics WO 98/37193

Cytokine receptor peptides


Cytokine receptor peptides from extracellular domains of neural tissue receptors; for detecting cell growth ligands.