Published April 28 & May 5(EPO); April 29 (WO)

A. Einstein Coll. of Med. Antibodies to Crypto- WO 93/8271 New York coccal epitope Monoclonals to epitopes on A, B, C, and D strains of Cryptococcus neoformans, to treat, detect, prevent fungal infections.

Abbott Laboratories Recombinant immuno- WO 93/7896 Abbott Park, Ill. globulin export Heterotetrameric Ig from prokaryotic organism transformed with DNA encoding antigen-binding sites, exports signals.

Affymax Technologies Ligand-screening WO 93/8278 Curaao, Neth. W.I. library Peptide library comprises collection of recombinant vectors that encode fusion protein, DNA binding site, to screen ligands.

Agracetus Inc. Inserting genes WO 93/8270, Middleton, Wisc. into animals 92 Carrier particles coated with DNA encoding therapeutic protein accelerated into somatic cells, for therapy, strain improvement.

BASF AG Tick-borne thrombin- WO 93/8282 Ludwigshafen, Germ. blocker Thrombin-inhibiting protein, mol. wt. ca. 8,000 Daltons, isolated from ticks "is suitable for use in the treatment of illnesses."

Baylor Coll. of Med. Fingerprinting WO 93/8297 Houston bacterial strains Paired primers that extend from one to another repetitive hybridizable DNA sequence, amplified to identify genomic bacterial strain.

BioMaterial Res. Inst. Epithelial tissue WO 93/8213 Kanagawa, Japan morphogenesis Recombinant "epimorphine", produced by human or murine mesenchymal cells, has epithelial tissue morphogenetic activity.

Biotechnology Australia Intestinal parasite EPO 540 128 Roseville, Australia vaccine Antigen comprising excretory/secretory protein derived from parasitic stage of Trichostrongylus colubriformis nematode.

Brnner, Nils, et al. Drug-screening WO 93/8301 Virum, Denmark method Introduce into vertebrate recipient ( e.g., nude mouse) labelled human diseased cells; administer drug; determine response.

Calgary, Univ. of Immunoglobulin Fv WO 93/8300 Alberta, Canada fragment vector Expression-secretion vectors producing bioactive Fv fragments or single-chain Fv molecules; host cells containing them.

Cancer Res. Campaign Reducing CB1954 EPO 540 263 London to a cytotoxin WO 93/8288 Bacterial nitroreductase reduces CB 1954 to cytotoxic form; conjugated to tumor-targeting agent, converts prodrugs to drugs.

Cetus Oncology Corp. Mac-2-binding WO 93/8215 Emeryville, Calif. glycoprotein Recombinant glycoprotein complex selectively binds human Mac-2; for diagnosis, treatment of cancer, infections, immune diseases.

Connaught Labs. Inc. Lyme disease WO 93/8299 Swiftwater, Pa. antigen Recombinant protein encoded by full-length, wild-type Borrelia burgdorferi OspA gene, for Lyme disease vaccine and test kits.

Dartmouth College Calcium channel WO 93/8469 Hanover, N.H. polypeptides Immunoreactive alpha-1-polypeptide subunit of voltage- sensitive calcium channel protein expressed in small-cell lung carcinoma.

Emory University Serotonin transporter WO 93/8261 Atlanta cDNA Isolated cDNA encoding rat, human serotonin transporters; vectors; host cells; expressed proteins antibodies, binding oligonucleotides.

Enricherche S.p.A. Surfactin synthetase EPO 540 074 Milan, Italy operon Cloning, sequencing Bacillus subtilis DNA region comprising SRFA operon, which encodes surfactin synthetase multienzymic complex.

Georgia, Univ. of Apoaequorin lumines- EPO 540 064 Athens, Ga. cence trigger Recombinant apoaequorin photoprotein, which triggers luminescence, for in vitro diagnosis of human disease. DNA sequences, vectors, hosts.

Holmes, Michael J. Sequencing double- WO 93/8305 London stranded DNA Sequencing both strands of DNA by PCR-amplification, reacting products with disparate primer supports; sequencing each strand.

Idemitsu Kokan Co. Targeted lympho- EPO 539 970 Tokyo cytes, antibodies Producing in immunodeficient animal a human lymphocyte specific to a desired antigen; generating monoclonal antibody thereto.

Immulogic Pharm. Corp. House-dust WO 93/8279, Cambridge, Mass. allergens 80 T cell epitope of major allergens on Dermatophagoides (house dust mite); DNA sequences; for sensitivity diagnosis, treatment

Immuno AG Fowlpox virus EPO 538 496 Vienna, Austria (FPV) vaccine FPV promoters; host virus strains carrying vaccinia thymidine kinase gene, accept any plasmid carrying tk-gene flanking regions.

Imp.Cancer Res. Tech. Telltale tumor WO 93/8303 London gene CAR cell adhesion gene function lost in metastatic cancer cells; probes, antibodies identify compounds for restoring function.

Innogenetics SA Anti-tau WO 93/8302 Ghent, Belgium monoclonal Monoclonal antibody complexes with epitope of abnormally phosphorylated tau protein, from Alzheimer's cerebral cortex.

Kitasato Institute Attenuated measles EPO 540 135 Tokyo virus Measles virus AIK-C strain contains 15,894-bp nucleotide sequence, comprising viral genomic RNA in seed virus for vaccine.

Medimmune Inc. Vectors with lipo- WO 93/7897 Gaithersburg, Md. protein signals Vector carrying lipoprotein secretion signal expresses fusion protein with high-immunogenicity, for Lyme disease vaccine.

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