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Funding for a new research network was reported to deal with the increasing vision loss of Canadians. The network of 12 university researchers and 10 industry partners will develop and commercialize new materials and technologies to treat the nearly one-million Canadians suffering from vision loss, a number expected to dramatically increase as Canada's population ages.

The 20/20: NSERC Ophthalmic Materials Network (20/20 Network; Ottawa, Ontario) is being funded by industrial and institutional partners, and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.

The 20/20 Network will focus on developing and commercializing new biomaterials, medical devices, and drug delivery devices for treating vision disorders. Some of the products being pursued include: composite and hybrid materials; ocular microgels, microemulsions and triggerable materials for drug release; a drug delivery system that attaches to the back of the eye to eliminate monthly needle injections; and contact lenses that eliminate end-of-day dryness and discomfort.