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Tri-City Medical Center (Vista, California) reported filing a lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court against Scripps Health (San Diego) and Sharp Mission Park Medical Group (Oceanside, California), alleging that Scripps puts its own profits ahead of the health and safety of San Diego residents. San Diego residents within the Tri-City Medical District are being denied the benefit of their tax dollars by being compelled to seek medical care from Scripps and away from Tri-City Medical Center.

This practice causes delay and expense to the patients and threatens the quality of their care, according to the suit. Larry Anderson, acting CEO of Tri-City Medical Center, said, "The lawsuit is not about money, it is about the denial of quality medical care."

According to the lawsuit, "Scripps requires patients under the care of Sharp physicians to travel from the Vista area to Scripps Encinitas for emergency medical treatment. However, this shuttling of patients has proved detrimental to the patients' health. In one devastating example, a Scripps patient who resided near Tri-City sought medical treatment at the Tri-City Emergency Room, but was required by Scripps health insurance personnel to leave Tri-City and travel to the Scripps Encinitas Emergency Room for treatment. During this unnecessary transport, the patient entered a code blue status and died shortly after arrival at Scripps Encinitas."