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Global Med Technologies (Denver), an international healthcare information technology company, reported that its Wyndgate Technologies division has licensed its ElDorado Donor blood management system and ElDorado Donor Doc electronic donor history questionnaire to MedStar Health (Beltsville, Maryland).

MedStar also will be contracting validation services from Global Med's PeopleMed subsidiary. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Kirsten Alcorn, MD, medical director for MedStar Health Blood Donor Services, said, "MedStar Health was interested in a single donor system which would communicate between donor centers. We also wanted better information management between donors and manufacturing. ElDorado Donor blood management software provides this communication link and supports good manufacturing processes and quality control of our blood products. Safety in the blood bank is critical to our organization. The quality control afforded by an electronic system helps us to maintain high standards and our patient first philosophy."

ElDorado Donor blood management software was developed as part of an integrated modular system specifically designed for donor centers and hospitals to increase efficiency and help enhance blood safety during the manufacture of blood products for transfusion.

Donor Doc's multi-lingual feature is of particular importance to MedStar Health. In addition to serving a large Spanish-speaking population, MedStar Health has a sizable hearing-impaired donor group.

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