Calypso Medical Technologies (Seattle) said that Duke University Medical Center (Durham, North Carolina) is the first in the country to install a Calypso 4D Localization System with the just-released Adaptive Workflow Efficiency option to optimize radiation treatment for their cancer patients. The upgradeable system option includes Adaptive Couch Repositioning which provides connectivity between the Calypso System and Varian Medical Systems' 4D integrated treatment console (4DITC), to allow an immediate, on-line response to organ motion.

"Using the Adaptive Couch Repositioning feature on the Calypso System, we are able to ensure that our patients are optimally positioned for treatment without entering the room," said Robert Lee, MD, professor of radiation oncology at Duke University Medical Center. "When the system detects significant organ motion, it realigns the patient in a matter of seconds, ensuring that radiation therapy is focused on the tumor, avoiding healthy surrounding tissue. This optimizes treatment by ensuring patients are in the correct position throughout their radiation treatment."