Cardiac Science (Bothell, Washington) is deploying automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to create heart-safe work environments at American Electric Power locations in 12 U.S. states. The company already has installed 500 Powerheart AEDs from Cardiac Science and will deploy an additional 350 AEDs through 2008.

Cardiac Science's rescue-ready technology self-checks all main components (battery, pads, and electronics) daily to ensure the AED is ready when needed. RHYTHMx software detects abnormal heart rhythms, determines if they are life threatening and, when appropriate, facilitates delivery of a life-saving shock.

Cardiac Science specializes in advanced cardiac diagnosis, resuscitation, rehabilitation, and informatics products. American Electric Power is one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S., delivering electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states.

Consumer Reports examines self-monitoring kits

According to the September issue of Consumer Reports (CR; Yonkers, New York), there are big differences in accuracy and consistency among self-monitoring kits for hypertension and diabetes. The report suggests that relying on the readings of an inaccurate model could lead to inadequate care.

To evaluate 16 different blood pressure monitors, CR obtained approximately 6,000 readings from 57 men and women and compared the results of the home monitors with those obtained by pairs of trained medical technicians who used a mercury sphygmomanometer, the standard instrument for recording accurate blood pressure readings.

The CR tests included measurements of the models' accuracy, and scores by panels of people who rated the devices' ease of use and commented on various features. Consumer Reports found that four upper arm cuff blood pressure monitors were more accurate, overall, than wrist monitors. All four of the "excellent" rated automatic upper arm-type blood pressure monitors provide accurate blood pressure readings in about 30 seconds and can also detect an irregular heartbeat.

Zeus expanding polymer operations

With an established history in the design and manufacture of fluoropolymer tubing, Zeus (Orangeburg, South Carolina) reported that it is expanding its operations to include bioabsorbable polymers. The company said this expansion furthers its commitment to advancing innovative concepts and ideas by making bioabsorbable polymer applications more promising for its customers.

"Going beyond the ability to extrude these materials into high precision tubular geometries, Zeus is also able to perform full polymer characterization to provide our customers the necessary data to meet regulatory requirements," said Bruce Anneaux, corporate manager, R&D. Zeus makes polymer tubing.

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