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Vitro Diagnostics (Golden, Colorado) reported advances in its adult stem cell research indicating application of its technology and stem cell lines to cancer research and treatment.

Vitro's stem cell research is now centered on the development of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for diabetes research, drug discovery and treatment. Recent research by the company also indicates potential application of its MSC lines to cancer research that may lead to novel cell therapy for cancer.

The company has filed for patent protection of its technology and compositions related to cancer research and therapy. Vitro plans to pursue development of stem cell products for use in cancer stem cell research including methods to target the selective eradication of cancer stem cells. The company said it hopes to have products available for cancer research use in the near future.

Jim Musick, Vitro's president/CEO, said, "We are pleased to announce the application of our technology to cancer research and therapy. This provides a fundamental expansion of our business prospects and multiple opportunities for product and revenue growth. Also, in concert with the goals of the new administration, we hope to contribute advances that reduce costs of health care especially for diabetes and cancer, chronic conditions that result in significant burdens in terms of costs and associated impacts to society, families and patients. We also hope to advance the medical applications of stem cell technology, especially focusing on the value of adult stem cells."