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Hubbard Regional Hospital (HRH; Southbridge, Massachusetts) has entered into a contract with Harrington Hospital (Webster, Massachusetts) for the supervision of its day-to-day operations, effective Jan. 1, 2009. Hubbard Hospital will continue offering healthcare services under the agreement.

“Hubbard Regional Hospital and Harrington Hospital are envisioning the possibility of a consolidated healthcare system in South Central Massachusetts in the long term,” said Chris Robert, HRH board chair. “The first step toward a two-campus healthcare system is a management contract relationship. The agreement will place Harrington as a managing agent to the Hubbard Hospital Board of Directors.”

The contract affords the opportunity to improve the performance of Hubbard Hospital, recognizing it strengths and exploring areas which have the potential to be further developed. The relationship between the Hubbard and Harrington health systems has the potential to collaborate in ventures designed in the best interest of their patients.

The contract, signed Dec. 18, 2008, will include two Harrington managers on site, responsible for all aspects of Hubbard’s operations. The managers will investigate whether synergies exist and cost savings can be realized in support services that both institutions provide, such as purchasing, information technology, food service or engineering.

“Being only 12 miles apart gives us the opportunity for our staffs and our physicians to support each other and explore the opportunities for a stronger health care system in south Worcester County,” said Edward Moore, president/CEO of Harrington Hospital. “All services will be evaluated with an eye toward maintaining those that are both needed for the community and are financially viable.”

In other agreements/contracts news, The Female Health Company (Chicago) said it has received an order for the delivery of 8.1 million female condoms from John Snow (Boston), which implements the USAID I DELIVER PROJECT, a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)- funded project, working to increase the availability of essential health supplies to clients and customers around the world.

For many years, USAID has been among the largest international donors of contraceptives and condoms.

The agency developed an operational plan for its HIV/AIDS “expanded response” strategy which includes the establishment of the Commodity Fund to centrally-finance male and female condoms for HIV/AIDS programs and to ensure their expedited delivery to countries.

O. B. Parrish, chairman/CEO of FHC, said, “In continuing female condom procurement, USAID is demonstrating its commitment to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention efforts around the World. This commitment is particularly critical as the Global Community recognizes the increasing numbers of females affected by AIDS.”