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Bio-Imaging Technologies (Newtown, Pennsylvania) said it has partnered with AG Mednet (Boston), a diagnostic imaging network, to provide a complete imaging service for clinical trials.

This new service enables delivery of clinical trial images through a web-accessible, secure network between clinical sites and Bio-Imaging's Imaging Core Lab (ICL). Bio-Imaging said that the service has already been launched for active studies with its major pharmaceutical clients.

"By partnering with AG Mednet, Bio-Imaging Technologies now provides our customers with many key benefits over the manual transport methods commonly used in imaging trials," said Mark Weinstein, CEO of Bio-Imaging Technologies. "This partnership increases trial efficiency with faster delivery of the imaging data, enhances data quality with fewer site queries, and reduces cost versus today's standard global courier shipments."

He added, "As Bio-Imaging can manage all of the logistics to centralize radiologic data and provide expert independent review services for Phase I-IV clinical trials, we now provide a one-stop-shop for today's medical researchers."

Bio-Imaging manages all aspects of radiologic data — from study start-up and initiation through data collection, quality control and processing; to expert independent blinded review and delivery of final results.

A web-enabled desktop agent provides investigator sites with simple access to the clinical trials imaging network and a workflow tool to quickly import image studies, de-identify image studies, complete transmittal forms with full validation of protocol-specific requirements, and send the image studies directly to the appropriate trial repository.

AG Mednet's Clinical Trials Imaging network is an infrastructure designed specifically for investigator sites and trial managers. At the investigator site, a web-enabled agent guides trial managers through a process to send the image studies and data directly to the ICL.

The process typically takes just minutes to complete. Bio-Imaging Technologies is a healthcare contract service organization that supports product development for the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.