3M (Salt Lake City) said it has introduced the 3M codefinder computer-assisted edition, a software application supporting the inpatient coding process with logic and mapping tools that analyze and interpret text-based clinical documentation to identify codes for review. Integrated with 3M's coding and reimbursement system, it allows coders to validate, edit and perform final code assignment in a single desktop view. 3M codefinder computer-assisted edition first analyzes and interprets text from multiple documentation sources created during a patient's hospital stay, including electronic records and dictated and transcribed reports. Mapping tools then link specific textual data required for coding to the logic-based coding paths of the 3M coding and reimbursement system. Coders are prompted with suggested codes or immediately advanced as far as possible through the software's expert logic paths. 3M codefinder also applies intelligent mapping to pharmacy orders, alerting coders to possible missing diagnoses in the physician documentation based on the medications prescribed.

Bovie Medical (Melville, New York) reported FDA clearance of its Modular Ergonomic Instruments (MEG Laparoscopic line). The modular forceps and accessories are designed to provide surgeons added comfort while reducing per-procedure costs through the reduction of inventory and obsolescence. The instruments offer a simpler assembly process for laparoscopic procedures, according to the company. Bovie makes electrosurgical products.

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