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GE Healthcare IT, a division of GE Healthcare (Waukesha, Wisconsin), reported an extended collaboration with HP (Palo Alto, California) to offer pre-configured, pre-installed GE Centricity Enterprise software on HP Integrity NonStop servers. The collaboration will target midsize hospitals and developing countries with lower cost and faster deployment of GE's clinical workflow solution, Centricity Enterprise, the company said.

GE Healthcare IT said it is currently collaborating with HP to pilot a low-cost solution for new hospitals in the Gulf region and expects to begin marketing it globally in the second half of 2008. A wide range of offerings is expected through this expanded effort, the company said, including: A pre-configured, tailored version of Centricity Enterprise Software installed on HP Integrity NonStop servers. The offering is targeted for new hospitals, which can benefit from the reduced time and cost of deployment, the company said.

GE said that for more than 20 years the two companies have optimized its Centricity Enterprise software and HP Integrity NonStop servers for healthcare providers.

"The solutions from HP and GE Healthcare IT are designed to significantly improve the handling and management of patient information, which is growing at an exponential rate," said Martin Fink, senior VP and general manager of Business Critical Systems at HP. "Unlike competitive offerings, the combination of GE Centricity Enterprise software and the HP Integrity NonStop server creates a reliable, cost-effective, integrated clinical and administrative solution at the heart of a healthcare provider's technology infrastructure. Building on our long-standing collaboration, this powerful solution will offer developing economies and midsize hospitals the combination of a fast deployment with high functionality built on the 24x7 mission-critical infrastructure that NonStop is known for."

GE also said HP is an early member of the GE Centricity Enterprise Certification Network. As a tactic to meet the growing demand for deployment and customization, GE said it plans to train, certify and support leading systems integrators of the Centricity Enterprise suite.

Starting in 4Q08, GE will begin training its partners to adapt Centricity Enterprise software as a mark of quality assurance for customers, the company said. GE expects up to eight partners to participate in the program in the first year and plans to expand the program to include dozens of partners within the next three years. Training classes and certification exams initially will be at GE's Enterprise Solutions offices in Seattle and will be available regionally beginning in late 2009.

Satyam Computer Services (Parsippany, New Jersey), a global consulting and information technology services provider, also has agreed to enroll consultants in GE's certification program for Centricity Enterprise software.

In addition, Satyam said the companies would staff a demonstration center of the "hospital of the future" expected to open in Quatar to highlight the "shared vision and advanced capabilities the two companies can bring to customers."

The agreement grew from close cooperation between the companies for the benefit of customers in the Middle East and India, Satyam said. Consultants from GE Healthcare and Satyam helped several organizations plan, deploy, and support their healthcare IT systems. Over time, Satyam will customize and extend these systems. Hospitals and clinics will determine additional tailoring and functionality that needs to be enabled to support their care practices.

In other agreement news: Premier Purchasing Partners (San Diego) reported an agreement for active electrode monitoring laparoscopic instruments has been awarded to Encision (Boulder, Colorado). The 36-month contract, effective July 1, is available to acute care and continuum of care members of the Premier healthcare alliance.