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PARIS - Stallergènes SA and Protein'eXpert SA signed a collaboration agreement for the development and pharmaceutical production of recombinant mite allergens.

Stallergènes, which is based in the Paris suburb of Antony, said the partnership forms part of its "Enhanced Allergens" program for developing recombinant proteins as a sublingual desensitization treatment for allergy to mites.

That second-generation treatment consists of the recombinant allergens Der p1 and Der p2 in the form of a fusion protein, combined with an adjuvant and/or a muco-adhesive formulation for facilitating the immune system's recognition of the allergen.

Under the collaboration, Protein'eXpert, of Grenoble, France, will develop processes to optimize the existing production protocol, develop and scale up fermentation, renaturation and purification processes, and produce preclinical and clinical batches.

"This partnership enables us to accelerate the development of our enhanced allergens program and to envisage moving rapidly on to humans in a Phase I trial," said Stallergènes Scientific Director Philippe Moingeon.

Stallergènes, which was founded in 1962, uses allergen immunotherapy, which entails desensitizing sufferers to the source of their allergy by correcting the immune imbalance responsible for the condition.

For its part, Protein'eXpert is a contract research organization that specializes in recombinant protein engineering and manufacturing for biomedical research, and through a subsidiary, PX'Pharma, also provides process development and optimization services and handles the production of preclinical and clinical cGMP production.

Stallergènes produces a broad range of diagnostic products as well as allergy remedies. The former include in vivo prick tests and in vitro tests to help medical practitioners confirm their diagnoses. Its treatments come in two forms - subcutaneous injections and sublingual drops - and, in the case of the former, the allergen extracts are loaded onto physiological adjuvants. The other main allergies targeted by Stallergènes apart from mites are allergy to wasp and bee stings, rhinitis and asthma.

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