Biotech Co.*(Country;Symbol)Pharma Co. (Country)Type/Product AreaTerms/Details (Date)
Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABBI)Watson Pharmaceuticals


Abraxis acquired a sterile injectable manufacturing facility located in Phoenix from WatsonAbraxis will serve as a contract manufacturer for certain injectable products currently manufactured there for a certain period; financial terms were not disclosed (8/1)
Acambis plc (UK; LSE:ACM)Bavarian Nordic A/S (Denmark)License agreement for some of Bavarian Nordic's Modified Vaccinia Ankara virus patentsBavarian Nordic will receive an undisclosed up-front payment, milestone payments and royalties on certain MVA products (7/26)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALNY)Hayashi Kasel (Japan)Agreement for a nonexclusive license to provide RNAi research products and services under the Kreutzer-Limmer patent familyThat patent family covers small interfering RNAs and their use to mediate RNAi in mammalian cells (7/19)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALNY)Roche Holding AG (Switzerland)Nonexclusive licensing deal for Alnylam's technology platform for developing RNAi therapeuticsThe deal will initially cover four thera-peutic areas: oncology, respiratory diseases, metabolic diseases and certain liver diseases; Roche also will acquire Alnylam's European research site; the deal is worth $1B, with $331M up front (7/9)
Amgen Inc. (AMGN)Daiichi Sankyo Co

Ltd. (Japan)

Agreement for the late-stage antibody denosumab, which is being developed for several bone-loss indications, including osteoporosis and cancer treatment-induced bone lossDaiichi gained exclusive rights to develop and commercialize denosumab in Japan, in exchange for the $20M up-front fee and about $150M to cover a portion of the worldwide development costs for the drug through 2009; Amgen also would receive an undisclosed royalty rate on net sales in Japan (7/12)
Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA)Merck and Co. Inc.Global development and commercialization partnership for the small-molecule mTOR inhibitorThe deal includes $75M up front to Ariad and $652M in potential milestones, as well as additional development support, royalties and co-promotion clauses (7/12)
Avanir Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AVNR)Azur Pharma (Ireland)Agreement to sell the anti-psychotic drug FazaClo to AzurAzur gains rights to FazaClo in exchange for $42M at the close of the transaction; Avanir also could get up to an additional $10M from Azur in contingent payments in 2009 and would receive up to $2M in royalties based on net product revenues in excess of $17M (7/3)
BioFocus DPI (division of Galapagos NV; Belgium; LSE: GLPG)AstraZeneca plc (UK)Drug discovery collaboration that involves BioFocus performing medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and supporting biology and ADMET services for AstraZeneca's infection discovery program based in BostonThe total contract value will be |680,000 (US$938,530); it is the companies' third deal(8/8)
BioWa Inc.* Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd.(Japan)Licensing agreement for exclusive, worldwide rights to commercialize Complegent technologyThe technology is designed to enhance complement-dependent cytotoxicity; BioWa will make Complegent available to its partners under license with its Potelli-gent technology (7/30)
Caliper Life Sciences Inc. (CALPW)Novartis AG (Switzerland)Multiyear license deal on its noninvasive optical imaging methodsNovartis gains rights to the technology, which is designed to allow scientists to visualize, track and quantify biological processes at the molecular level in living animals with high throughput and relatively low costs (8/13)
Chromos Molecular

Systems Inc. (Canada; TSX:CHR)

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals SA (India)Agreement to purchase CHR-1103 and CHR-1201 from ChromosThe two entities are humanized monoclonal antibodies; Glenmark has purchased rights to the products and to use the ACE System technology for cell line develop-ment with CHR-1103 and CHR-1201 (7/19)
Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL) Wyeth PharmaceuticalsCo-exclusive license agreement for PER.C6 and Advac technology Crucell will receive an up-front payment, milestones, annual maintenance fees and royalties on net sales (7/30)
Ensemble Discovery Corp.*F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)Collaboration to apply Ensemble's diagnostic technology, known as DNA-Programmed Chemistry, to analyze combinations of members of the epidermal growth factor receptor family that are present in cancer tissuesThe goal is to create a sensitive test to detect receptor dimers in human cancer tissue samples (7/30)
Evotec AG (Germany;


Research Support International Ltd. (subsidiary of DLL Ltd.)Agreement to form a joint venture in India, Evotec-RSIL Ltd.The venture will design, synthesize and manage compound libraries as a service (7/11)
GW Pharmaceuticals

plc (UK; LSE:GWP)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.Research and development agreement to develop cannabinoids in a range of central nervous system and oncology indicationsThe research collaboration runs for three years; Otsuka will provide $9M for basic research; it will license development rights for selected compounds (7/11)**
Hana Biosciences Inc. (HNAB)Par Pharmaceutical Cos. Inc.Licensing agreement for the antiemetic agent ZensanaPar is making a $5M investment in Hana at $2 per share in exchange for all rights in the U.S. and Canada; Hana also would get $1M upon product approval and could get up to $44M more in sales-based milestone payments (8/1)
Hydra Biosciences Inc.*Pfizer Inc.Licensing agreement for rights to Hydra's TRPV3 antagonist program in a deal valued at up to $195MPfizer gains exclusive worldwide rights to all TRPV3-related compounds in exchange for an undisclosed up-front payment and development milestone payments that together could total $195M for the first product (7/26)
Icagen Inc. (ICGN)Pfizer Inc.Agreement to develop three sodium ion channel modulators for pain, with Pfizer gaining exclusive worldwide commercial rightsPfizer is paying an up-front license fee of $12M as part of $38M in committed funding over the first two years of the deal; another $15M comes through an equity investment, and Pfizer is providing research and development money as well; Icagen could get as much as $359M in milestone payments for each marketed product, along with tiered royalties (8/14)
Intercell (Austria; VSE:ICLL)Novartis AG(Switzerland)Alliance focused on synthetic adjuvant IC31 in the field of influenza vaccines, Intercell's Antigen Identification Program and a vaccine against hepatitis C virus infectionDeal includes a guaranteed cash element of €;270M (US$366.7M), consisting of an upfront, option and license payment of €120M and a stock purchase worth €150M; Intercell could earn several hundred million more, through milestones from or profit shares in multiple programs (7/3)
KineMed Inc.*Merck & Co. Inc.Nonexclusive rights to identify and develop up to 10 compounds for atherosclerosis using its reverse cholesterol transport technologyKineMed will receive more than $5.5M in initial and research payments and up to $70M in milestones per compound (8/7)
Melior Discovery Inc.*Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLCAgreement to apply its theraTRACE discovery platform to identify possible new indications for multiple J&J drug candidatesTerms of the deal were not disclosed (8/6)
Nektar Therapeutics Inc. (NKTR)Bayer HealthCare AG (Germany)Co-development and commercialization collaboration covering a Phase II inhaled amikacin product for pneumonia, NKTR-061fThe deal involves a $50M up-front payment, and up to $125M more in milestone payments; Nektar also would get almost half of any profits from sales in the U.S. as part of the co-promotion agreement (8/6)
Novavax Inc. (NVAX)WyethNonexclusive, worldwide license agreement giving Novavax rights to a patent application covering virus-like particle technology for use in human vaccines in certain fieldsDeal includes an up-front payment, annual license fees, milestone payments and royalties on any product sales; payments to Wyeth could reach $5M through the end of 2008 (7/9)
Nuon Therapeutics Inc.*Kissei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)Licensing, supply and collaboration agreement for tranilast, a product, marketed in Japan and Korea for bronchial asthmaThe agreement gives Nuon worldwide rights to develop tranilast in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, pain and other indications; Kissei retains the exclusive option rights in Japan and Korea (7/23)
Organon Bioscience NV* (the Netherlands)MRC Technology(UK)Collaboration to develop a humanized antibody for the treatment of certain, unspecified cancersMRC's Therapeutic Antibody Group will use its CDR grafting technology to generate a humanized clinical candidate from a murine antibody discovered at Organon's Research Center in Cambridge, Mass.; Organon will pay research and development milestones, and royalties on sales (8/1)**
Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc.*Warner Chilcott Co. Inc. (Puerto Rico)Exclusive license agreement for the development and commercialization of narrow-spectrum tetracyclines for the treatment of acne and rosaceaParatek is developing antibacterial tetra-cyclines that are designed to have improved properties; Paratek received an up-front payment and will be eligible to receive development and regulatory mile-stones, as well as royalties (7/9)
Penwest Pharmaceuticals Co. (PPCO)Edison Pharmaceuticals Inc.Agreement for rights to technology being developed for treating mitochondrial disordersPenwest gained exclusive worldwide rights to Edison's EPI-A0001 in all fields of use; Edison is entitled to an up-front payment and a $1M loan from Penwest, which also will provide research funding over 18 months; the payments could total $7.5M (7/18)
PeriCor Therapeutics


Schering-Plough Corp.Licensing agreement for the Phase III product, acadesine, for use in prev-enting complications of cardiac surgeriesTerms were not disclosed, but include a license fee and potential milestone and royalty payments to PeriCor (7/19)


Camargo Pharmaceutical Services LLCAgreement to provide strategic regulatory support for Pro-Pharmaceuticals' 505 (b)(2) submissions with the FDA seeking approval of Davanat as a functional excipient, to be co-administered intravenously with 5-FU to treat cancerPreclinical and clinical data have been submitted to the FDA regarding Davanat improving 5-FU (8/3)
Response Genetics Inc. (RGDX)Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd. (Japan)Agreement to use the company's techniques to extract genetic information from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples collected in Southeast Asia, Australia and New ZealandResponse Genetics will provide Hitachi with technical information and assistance to perform the tests, and the two companies will divide the revenues (7/30)
Sangamo BioSciences Inc. (SGMO)Sigma-Aldrich Corp.Alliance focused on the development of laboratory research reagents based on Sangamo's zinc finger DNA- binding proteins technologyThey plan to develop and market ZFP products for broad use in laboratory research reagent applications; Sangamo gets up-front payments of $13.75M, and will receive annual payments and fees, and up to $22M in milestone payments, as well as royalties (7/11)
Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG (Switzerland; SWX:SANN)Novartis Ag (Switzerland)In-licensing agreement for omigapil (SNT-317), which may have potential in the predominant forms of congenital muscular dystrophySanthera is paying Novartis an up-front fee, and would pay milestones and royalties; Novartis has retained a buy-back option (7/4)**
Silence Therapeutics plc (UK; LSE:SLN)AstraZeneca plc (UK)Partnership to develop drugs against respiratory disease targetsAstraZeneca gains a license to Silence's short-interfering RNA technology, in exchange for an initial access fee of about $15M; the deal is worth a potential $400M in total (7/6)
Targacept Inc. (TRGT)GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)Agreement to develop drugs targeting neuronal nicotinic receptors for pain and other disordersThe alliance is accompanied by a $35M up-front payment, comprised of $20M in cash and $15M in an equity investment; GSK will purchase 1.3M shares of Targacept at $11.76 per share; Targacept also is eligible to receive up to $1.5B in potential milestones and tiered double-digit royalties (7/27)
Tobira Therapeutics*Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. (Japan)Agreement for exclusive worldwide rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize two anti-HIV compoundsThe products, TAK-652 and TAK-220, are in Phase I development in the U.S. and Europe (8/2)
VASTox plc (UK: LSE:VOX)Merck KGaA (Germany), Johnson & Johnson, and Servier SA (France)Pilot screening agreements for VASTox to use its zebrafish platform to blind-screen selections of known compounds for safety and toxicityThe deals will bring in more than €300,000 (US$408,987) in service revenues during 2007 (7/4)**


# The information in the chart does not cover agricultural agreements or those between biotech companies.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk. ** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

Unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; SWX = Swiss Stock Exchange; TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange; PK = Pink Sheets; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange.

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