Dear BioWorld Readers: It's summertime, and I need your input!

David Letterman is inundated with Stupid Pet Tricks. I think it's time for our industry to fire back with Stupid Biotech Company ideas. Who can ever forget the infamous 1980s plan to collaborate with Pirelli to use monoclonal antibodies on tires to prevent oxidation? What about Amgen's idea to go after the chicken growth hormone market, which after all is larger than the HGH market! And my personal favorite: rDNA manufactured indigo dye.

We had the true potato seed, folks, the vanillin in a vat, folks, the cattle contraceptive vaccine scheme that cost about 10-fold more than the current technology (basically tight rubber bands).

Send me your favorite crazy biotech scheme. You get bonus points if it got funded anywhere along the way!

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