Heightened success and interest in the biotech drug market have made billions of dollars available for R&D, clinical trials of vaccines and therapeutic agents - thus creating a demand for an objective analysis of the burgeoning biotechnology drug market. In response, BioWorld Today has released The BioWorld Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report 2007 - a complete guide to profile the leading 25 biotech drugs on the market by revenue, with an evaluation for the overall biotech drug market through 2010.

The BioWorld Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report balances science and business to provide biotech companies and investors with both review and analyses of the biotech drug market. Also included is a comparative overview of the pharmaceutical industry's top-selling products. The 290-page report is available in print and PDF and can be purchased by calling 1-800-688-2421 or 1-404-262-5476, or by going directly to www.bioworld.com.