A Medical Device Daily

Signalife (Los Angeles) reported that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has awarded the company a new patent titled "Electrode For, and Method Of, Indicating Signal Characteristics At Particular Positions In A Patient's Body," which covers 56 claims.

Patent attorney and Signalife board member Ellsworth Roston supervised and prosecuted the patent application along with Chief Technology Officer Budimir Drakulic — the inventor.

In conjunction with the PTO's granting of the patent the company will now evaluate whether or not it will file a continuation or continuation-in-part application for the purpose of pursuing additional claim coverage in the technology that may have occurred since the time of the original application.

The medical device maker currently has an application for its "credit card" size, over-the-counter device pending before the FDA as well as several additional patents pending before the United States PTO covering a wide array of cardiac technologies and products.

Signalife is a life sciences company focused on the detection of disease through biomedical signal monitoring.