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Harland Medical Systems (Eden Prairie, Minnesota) and March Plasma Systems (Concord, California) reported a joint-development agreement to develop and market a series of Harland Medical Systems automated surface modification systems incorporating March Plasma Systems plasma processing technologies.

Harland Medical Systems is focused on the application and testing of biocompatible surface treatments for the medical device industry. The company provides medical device manufacturers with a total solution approach that integrates all the materials, methods, machines and manufacturing components required to create good biosurfaces on a variety of medical devices.

March Plasma Systems focuses on plasma processing technology for the medical device/life science, semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. The company designs and manufactures advanced plasma treatment systems, and maintains an expert staff of scientists and engineers trained in the area of plasma science.

“Plasma treatment makes a powerful addition to the existing technologies we offer. Plasma provides us with exciting new techniques for surface preparation, surface activation and functional deposition,” said Jon Anderson, CEO of Harland Medical Systems.

In other agreements news:

• MDwerks (Deerfield Beach, Florida) andMedical Solutions Management (MSMI; Marlboro, Massachusetts) reported the signing of a cross marketing agreement between MDwerks’ Xeni Medical Systems subsidiary (Xeni) and MSMI.

Xeni will be the exclusive third party sales representative for all MSMI products and MSMI will be a sales representative for all Xeni products. MDwerks and Xeni are providers of web-based, electronic claims management and funding solutions for healthcare professionals. MSMI provides healthcare revenue participation programs through the delivery of billing and procurement.

• Microline Pentax (Beverly, Massachusetts) reported that it has executed an exclusive distribution agreement with Specialty Surgical Instrumentation (Nashville, Tennessee), for the distribution of all of its current laparoscopic instruments in the Southeast.

“The strategy of Microline Pentax is to expand commercialization of its instruments for minimally invasive surgery with the best distribution partners,” said Dr. Jean-Luc Boulnois, president/CEO of Microline Pentax.

Microline Pentax is a medical device manufacturer of resposable surgical laparoscopic instruments. Founded in 1987, Microline Pentax is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pentax (Tokyo). The Microline Pentax integrated modular laparoscopic instrumentation system consists of a selection of reusable handpieces that utilize a broad assortment of disposable tips.

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