Total: $4,684.02M

Company (Symbol)# (M)

Type Of Financing

Number Of Shares, Units Or Warrants

Amount Raised (M)

Investors; Placement Agents; Details (Date)@

Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG)

Private placement of common stock and warrants



Acacia raised $5M through the sale of 6.8M units representing Acacia Research-Combimatrix stock and warrants; participants included Amit Kumar, Tom Akin and John Abeles; each unit will consist of one share and a five-year warrant to purchase 1.5 shares at 55 cents per share (5/8)

Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC BB:ACUR)

Bridge financing



Acura completed the draw down of a $1.2M bridge financing committed by Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, Care Capital LLC and Galen Partners (5/21)

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC BB:AOLS)

Private placement of common stock

2.7S and W for 2S


Aeolus raised $2M through the sale of stock and warrants; Rodman & Renshaw LLC served as the placement agent (5/23)

Allon Therapeutics Inc. (Canada; TSX:NPC)

Bought-deal financing


C$15 ($13.6)

Allon sold 12.5M units at C$1.20 per unit to a syndicate of Canadian securities dealers; each unit consists of one common share and half a warrant; the financing was led by Blackmont Capital Inc., and included GMP Securities LP, Cormark Securities Inc. and Versant Partners Inc. (5/9)

Ambrilia Biopharma Inc. (Canada; TSX:AMB)

Private placement of common stock



Ambrilia raised a total of $5.5M through a private placement begun in April; $5.4M of the amount was accounted for in last month's chart (5/21)


Private placement of common stock and warrants

2S and W for 1M


AMDL is raising $3.8M through the sale of 2M shares and warrants for 1M shares (5/7)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Private placement of notes



Amgen priced $4B in notes: $1.1B of 5.85% senior notes due 2017; $900M of 6.375% senior notes due 2037; and $2B of 18-month floating-rate senior notes (5/25)

Anticus International Corp. (PK:ATCI)

Private placement of units



Anticus raised $400,000 through a private placement of 5.7M units at 7 cents per unit; each unit consists of a common share, a one-year Class A warrant to purchase a common share at 12 cents and a two-year Class B piggy-back warrant to purchase a common share at 20 cents (5/30)

Arrowhead Research Corp. (ARWR)

Private placement of units



Arrowhead agreed to sell 2.8M units; investors are purchasing shares priced at $5.78 each and will receive warrants to buy another 712,362 shares at $7.06; Global Crown Capital LLC acted as exclusive placement agent (5/18)

AspenBio Pharma Inc. (OTC BB:APNB)

Warrant conversion

W for 7.5S


AspenBio raised $9.3M, exchanging 7.5M shares for warrants issued as part of public offerings in 2004 and 2005 (5/8)

Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AVRX)

Private placement of stock and warrants

3.84S and W for 0.96S


Avalon raised $20M selling 3.84M shares at $5.21 each; investors also got five-year warrants to buy up to 959,693 additional shares at $6 each (5/25)

Bioenvision Inc. (BIVN)

Warrant exercise

W for 3S and W for 0.9S


Bioenvision raised $7.4M after existing investors exercised warrants to purchase 3M shares at $2 each, and SCO Capital and its affiliates exercised warrants to buy 938,333 shares at $1.50 each (5/7)

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:BPA)

Private placement of common stock and warrants

2.75S and W for 0.69S


BioSante entered into definitive agreements with institutional and other accredited investors on a placement of 2.75M shares at $6 each; investors also get warrants to buy 688,750 additional shares at $8 each; Rodman & Renshaw LLC is lead placement agent, with Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (5/25)

Boston Life Sciences Inc. (BLSI)

Private placement of a convertible promissory note



BLSI raised $6M issuing the note to an investment fund managed by Highbridge Capital Manage- ment LLC (5/3)

CardioVascular BioTherapeutics Inc. (OTC BB:CVBT)

Private placement of common stock



Company raised $15M in the sale of 15M shares at $1 each to Swiss investor FirmInvest AG (5/24)

Ceapro Inc. (Canada; CDNX: CZO)

Private placement of units


C$2 ($1.8)

Ceapro raised $1.8M through a placement brokered by Northern Securities Inc.; it offered units for C$0.31, with each unit consisting of one common share and half a warrant (5/24)

Cougar Biotechnology Inc. (OTC BB:CGRB)

Private placement of common stock



Cougar raised $50M by selling 2.5M shares at $20 each; Leerink Swann & Co. served as sole place- ment agent (5/3)

Discovery Laboratories Inc. (DSCO)

Credit facility



Discovery secured the facility with Merrill Lynch Capital (5/23)

Immunomedics Inc. (IMMU)

Direct offering



Immunomedics raised $24M in the direct offering of 4.8M shares at $4.95 per share; Lazard Capital Markets LLC acted as the exclusive placement agent for the offering (5/2)

Inovio Biomedical Corp. (AMEX:INO)

Direct offering



Inovio raised $16.2M offering 4.6M shares at $3.52 per share to institutional and accredited investors (5/16)

Insmed Inc. (INSM)

Private placement of common stock and warrants

W for 2S


Insmed is raising $18.2M through the sale of 20M shares and five-year warrants to buy about 2M more shares at $1.10 each (5/4)

IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (OTC BB:IGXT)

Secured convertible debenture sale



IntelGenx raised $1.5M through the sale (5/24)

Intercytex Group plc (UK; LSE:ICX)

Private placement of common stock


£12 ($23.9)

Intercytex raised $23.9M in the placement of 21.1M shares at L0.52 each (5/9)**

IsoTis Inc. (ISOT)

Credit facility



The facility consists of a $10M loan and a $10M revolving line of credit from Merrill Lynch Capital and Silicon Valley Bank (5/30)

Karo Bio AB (Sweden; SSE:KARO)

Rights offering


SEK406 ($59.6)

Karo Bio raised $59.6M in the discounted rights offering (5/16)**

Lorus Therapeutics Inc. (Canada; AMEX:LRP; TSX:LOR)

Private placement of common stock



Lorus raised the money through a recapitalization plan with investor 6707157 Canada Inc.; the in- vestor will acquire 41% of voting common shares and all nonvoting common shares (5/2)

MediCult A/S (Denmark; OSLO:MEC)

Rights offering


NOK82.5 ($13.7)

MediCult raised $13.7M in a rights offering fully underwritten by Orkla Invest (5/2)**

Modigene Inc. (OTC BB: MODG)

Private placement of common stock and warrants

6.4S and 1.6W


Modigene issued about 6.4M shares at $1.50 each and about 1.6M warrants that expire in five years and have an exercise price of $2.50; Phillip Frost and several other investors contributed another $2M; in a final closing, company officials pro- vided another $3.37M (5/15)

Neurochem Inc. (Canada; NRMX)

Private placement of convertible notes



Neurochem privately placed $80M in convertible notes, which consisted of $40M of 6% senior convertible notes due 2027 and $40M of 5% senior subordinated convertible notes due 2012; the company will issue warrants to purchase 2.3M shares at $12.68 each (5/2)

NitroMed Inc. (NTMD)

Registered direct offering



NitroMed raised $18.3M through the sale of 7.6M shares at $2.60 each; Thomas Weisel Partners LLC acted as the sole placement agent (5/24)

PharmaGap Inc. (Canada; CDNX:GAP)

Private placement of units and preferred shares

2U and 2.4S

C$0.55 ($0.5)

PharmaGap raised $500,000 through an invest- ment from Dundee Securities Corp., which acquired 2M common equity units and 2.4M Series I preferred shares, and now owns 9.4% of the common shares outstanding (5/7)

Pluristem Life Systems Inc. (OTC BB:PLRS)

Private placement



Pluristem raised $13.5M through a private investment (5/22)

Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Australia; PGLA)

Private placement of common stock



Progen raised about $61M through U.S. institution- al and other investors; Thomas Weisel Partners LLC was the sole placement agent; the amount raised includes an entitlements offer to existing stockholders; Bell Potter and eG Capital is the underwriter (5/3)

Quest Group International Inc. (OTC BB:QSTG)

Private placement of common stock



Quest raised $20M in the financing; Hunter World Markets Inc. acted as its sole placement agent (5/18)

Quest PharmaTech Inc. (Canada; CDNX:QPT)

Private placement of common stock


C$1 ($0.94)

Quest raised $940,000 through a placement of 6.67M shares at C$0.15 per share (5/31)

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. (subsidiary of CytRx Corp.; CYTR)

Private placement



CytRx contributed $15M to its subsidiary, increas- ing its ownership in RXi to nearly 90% (5/1)

Sernova Corp. (Canada; CDNX:SVA)

Warrant exercise



Sernova raised $2.4M through the exercise of 4M outstanding warrants; they were exercised at 60 cents per share (5/10)

Sinobiomed Inc. (OTC BB: SOBM)

Private placement of units



Sinobiomed raised the money through two private placements; each unit consisted of one common share and half a warrant; each whole warrant en- titles the holder to purchase one additional share for two years (5/31)

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SPPI)

Private placement of common stock



Spectrum raised $32M in a registered direct offering; Oppenheimer & Co. acted as the lead placement agent, with Lazard Capital Markets as co-lead; co-placement agents were ThinkEquity Partners LLC and Rodman & Renshaw LLC (5/7)

ThromboGenics NV (Belgium; BR:THR)

Private placement of common stock


€23.9 ($32.4)

ThromboGenics raised $32.4M through the placement; KBC Securities acted as lead manager and was assisted by Kempen & Co. (5/9)

Vasogen Inc. (VSGN)

Private placement of common stock



Vasogen raised $16M offering 4.9M shares at $3.25 each to institutional investors; Rodman & Renshaw LLC and JMP Securities LLC are the placement agents (5/18)

Viropro Inc. (OTC BB:VPRO)

Debenture financing


C$1.4 ($1.3)

Viropro closed a $1.3M debenture opened in March 2006 and payable in five tranches over the past year (5/24)


This chart does not include real estate or manufacturing plant financings, or debt deals done to replace existing debt.

# Unless otherwise indicated, shares are traded on the Nasdaq exchange

@ Refers to the date of the press release.

** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

Currency conversions are based on exchange rates at the time of the deal.

N/A = Not applicable; ND = Not disclosed.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; BR = Brussels Stock Exchange; CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; PK= Pink Sheets; SSE = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange.

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