• American Medical Systems Holdings (AMS; Minneapolis) said it has received FDA approval for its new TherMatrx TMX3000 thermo therapy system and will immediately launch this in-office treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) into the U.S. market. The system, which replaces the TherMatrx TMX2000, offers physicians a non-surgical, in-office treatment solution for their patients with BPH. It has three different protocol settings, a new touch screen monitor, and automatic calibration of temperature sensors. AMS makes products to cure erectile dysfunction, benign prostatic hyperplasia, incontinence, menorrhagia, prolapse and other pelvic disorders in men and women.

• Ichor Medical Systems (San Diego) reported receiving FDA approval to conduct a Phase I clinical trial of a melanoma vaccine to be administered to patients utilizing a novel delivery technology. The vaccine consists of DNA encoding a form of the tyrosinase protein. The vaccine will be administered with the Ichor TriGrid delivery system (TriGrid), which uses electroporation to increase the intracellular delivery of the DNA vaccine to the cells at the site of administration. The design of electrodes and DNA injection needle in the TriGrid yields consistent placement of electroporation pulses where DNA is administered in the target tissue. The automated one-step push-of-a-button process controls the rate of DNA injection and the time interval between injection and electroporation application. Ichor, a privately held biotech company, makes products based on the in vivo application of electroporation to enhance intracellular delivery of DNA drugs encoding therapeutic proteins or antigens for vaccines.

• Royal Philips Electronics (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) reported release of Philips EP cockpit to support clinicians and staff in the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders, including complex ablation therapies. This concept in electrophysiology (EP) labs combines Philips Allura Xper interventional lab with a number of other instruments to provide EP specialists with an efficient working environment to raise the level of heart rhythm care. The customizable lab setup includes video switching, single keyboard and mouse control concept and moveable ceiling suspended equipment rack holding EP lab equipment. Additionally, EP cockpit is equipped with an embedded data-management solution that can archive and retrieve patient data from various sources enabling physician access via a single workspace.

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