Expert centers more cost-effective for cancer

According to a research team at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (Baltimore), expert centers with extensive experience in managing cancer are more costly, but they are also more cost-effective in managing ovarian cancer in the long-term. The researchers looked at treatment efficacy, costs, and cost-effectiveness in hypothetical patients with advanced ovarian cancer. They concluded that the overall cost of treating one patient was $50,652 at an expert center and $39,957 at a less experienced center.

The study authors concluded that using an expert center, "with a high proportion of patients undergoing optimal primary cytoreduction and receiving combined IP/IV chemotherapy, is cost-effective from the perspective of society compared to referral of patients to a less-experienced center."

The study will be published in the April 15 issue of the journal Cancer.

InterDent eliminates SEC filings

InterDent Service (El Segundo, California) reported that, as of March 15, it received consents from holders of the outstanding principal amount of its 10% senior secured notes, to eliminate the requirement that the company file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company will continue to provide quarterly and annual financial statements, together with a discussion and analysis of financial conditions, to note holders.

Ivar China, president/CEO, said the move acknowledges limited trading activity of the notes and subtracts the cost "associated with operating as a registered public company."

In connection with the approval and adoption of the supplemental indenture, the company will pay to each holder of its notes a one-time fee of one-half of 0.5% of the outstanding principal amount of the notes held by such holder.

InterDent is a provider of dental practice management services to multi-specialty group dental offices in the U.S.

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