A Medical Device Daily

Ocean Tomo Auctions (Chicago) reported that it will offer for sale seven lots related to patented medical device and telemedicine technologies at its Ocean Tomo Spring 2007 Live Intellectual Property Auction at the Union League Club of Chicago on April 19.

Examples of the offerings to be auctioned include methods and devices for the treatment of coronary and vascular heart disease, primarily involving the use of catheter-based interventional procedures, such as balloon angioplasty and drug delivery systems; and several lots disclosing methods to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients remotely by utilizing audio, visual, GPS, and cellular technologies regardless of the location of both parties.

An additional lot for sale includes a design for a female bosom support garment which promotes the drainage of lymphatic fluid. This technology hopes to aid in the prevention of breast cancer, which has been linked to improper lymphatic drainage.

Andrew Ramer, president of Ocean Tomo, said, "In previous auctions, we have had success with bidders interested in this technology area, and we are confident we will once again have a significant amount of competitive bidding in April."