Arkuda Therapeutics, of Watertown, Mass., appointed Pascale Witz to its board.

Hansa Biopharma AB, of Lund, Sweden, appointed Katja Margell head of corporate communications.

Innate Pharma SA, of Marseille, France, appointed Joyson Karakunnel executive vice president and chief medical officer.

Iveric Bio Inc., of New York, elected Mark S. Blumenkranz to its board.

Kintai Therapeutics Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., appointed Guillaume Pfefer CEO and Scott Plevy chief scientific officer.

Maat Pharma SA, of Lyon, France, appointed Claude Bertrand to its board. It also named John Weinberg chief medical officer.

Personalis Inc., of Menlo Park, Calif., appointed Leslie Grab vice president of intellectual property and John Lyle vice president of assay research and development.

Ribon Therapeutics Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., appointed Jodie P. Morrison chair of its board.

Scholar Rock Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., appointed Edward Myles chief financial officer and head of business operations.

Sernova Corp., of London, Ontario, appointed Anke M. Schulte to its global advisory board.

Sun Biopharma Inc., of Waconia, Minn., appointed Jennifer K. Simpson president and CEO.

Vor Biopharma Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., appointed Daniella Beckman to its board.

Zikani Therapeutics Inc., of Watertown, Mass., appointed Vijay Modur chief scientific and medical officer.

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