A Medical Device Daily

Cambridge Devices (Cambridge, Massachusetts), which develops real-time pathology solutions, said it has completed a $2.5 million round of seed funding from Kodiak Venture Partners (Waltham, Massachusetts).

Cambridge Devices was founded in 2004 by Suni Chundru, MD and Sundar Subramaniam to address the complexity in tissue identification in procedures such as breast biopsies and skin-cancer excisions. The company will use the capital to accelerate its growth, and enhance product development and strategic alliance efforts.

Dave Furneaux of Kodiak Venture Partners will join Cambridge Devices’ board.

Cambridge Devices has developed the Pathology Manager — a web-service that captures, processes and analyzes information to provide physicians with pathology information in real-time.

Real-time pathologic information is designed to aid doctors in various procedures, including guiding removal of tissue in biopsy procedures, delineating margins of cancer in simple excisional surgeries, and testing for any remaining cancerous tissue in the surgical field during open surgeries. Cambridge Devices is currently developing two devices and has a third in clinical trial.

Dr. Anthony Sinskey, a professor of microbiology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT; also Cambridge), is joining Cambridge Devices’ board. Sinskey has participated in the founding and development of over 15 biotech companies over the course of two decades, the company said.