Cardiac IVD to exceed $45B by 2010

The "Cardiac Markers" report from Kalorama Information (New York) predicts that the world market for cardiac IVDs will grow to more than $4.5 billion by 2010, on the heels of advances in testing such as recently discovered genetic factors. Kalorama said that tests such as inflammation and homocysteine markers — relatively rare only a few years ago — are now part of the standard cardiac marker segment.

Growth in IVD cardiac marker tests will derive from new markers, such as ultra-sensitive CRP, plasminogen activator inhibitors, s100 protein, p-selectin, soluble fibrin, glycogen phosphorylase-BB, and thrombus precursor protein, among others. The impact of these emerging tests will be most notably seen in western markets, with the U.S. currently accounting for 45% of the market, Europe 27%.

Sontra Medical not in Nasdaq compliance

Sontra Medical (Franklin, Massachusetts) said it received a deficiency letter Oct. 17 from the Nasdaq Stock Market indicating it is not in compliance with the continued listing requirements of The Nasdaq Capital Market because for the previous 30 consecutive business days, the bid price had closed below the $1 minimum per share requirement for continued listing. By Nasdaq rule, Sontra will be allowed 180 calendar days to regain compliance with the minimum bid price rule. The letter from Nasdaq has no effect on the listing of Sontra Medical's common stock.

Sontra has 180 calendar days to regain compliance by having the bid price of its common stock close at $1 per share or more for at least 10 consecutive business days. If it does not regain compliance by April 16 Sontra will be issued a delisting letter.

Sontra Medical develops a non-invasive, continuous transdermal glucose monitor for principal use in the Intensive Care market and Sontra makes products for transdermal delivery of large molecule drugs and vaccines.