• SagaX Medical Technologies (Herzliya, Israel) has appointed four new additions to its development team. Raphael Geva was appointed CFO. Geva has served as an investment manager in Be'ery Capital and as a senior analyst for Bank Leumi. Gil Naor was appointed chief technology officer of SagaX. Among his previous positions are vice president, R&D with Rafael Medical Technologies and project manager for Medtronic-InStent Israel. Hilla Shaviv has been appointed product manager, and Dr. Yuval Shezifi has been named director of the Flow Simulation Laboratory. Shaviv's past positions include R&D engineer for Biometrix. Shezifi's previous positions include serving as chief technology officer of Expandis, and as electro-physiology researcher and head of biomedical technologies for Carmel Biosensors. SagaX, a subsidiary of MIV Therapeutics, makes the SagaX Aortic Embolic Protection Device, designed to prevent cardioembolic stroke following heart surgery by diverting particles in the bloodstream that might otherwise reach the brain and cause stroke.

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