• Point Biomedical (San Carlos, California), a developer of products for diagnostic, molecular imaging and drug delivery applications based on its biSphere technology, reported that the new drug application for CARDIOsphere (PB127) has been accepted for review by the FDA. CARDIOsphere is a myocardial perfusion agent used with ultrasound imaging. Point is seeking approval to market CARDIOsphere for the detection and localization of obstructive coronary artery disease. If approved in the U.S., the company said CARDIOsphere would allow cardiologists to diagnose coronary artery disease in the office or hospital using standard ultrasound equipment and without the need for radioactive isotopes.

• Smiths Medical MD (St. Paul, Minnesota) reported the launch of ProBloc S Nerve Block Needles, a new line of insulated needles for peripheral nerve block procedures. ProBloc S single-shot needles feature a biocompatible insulation coating that provides a smooth exterior finish for easy insertion. The insulation coating is removed from the tip of the needles to allow the current from the nerve locator to travel down the needle and out the end directly into the site of the targeted nerve. ProBloc S needles are available in five different sizes and include an integrated stimulating lead wire and attached injection set.

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