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Christophe J-P Sevrain, former head of Delphi Medical Systems (Troy, Michigan), has been contracted to help a mid-Michigan economic development organization with its push into expanding the state's medical device manufacturing industry.

Sevrain, owner of CJPS Enterprises, a consulting management firm focused on creating strategic alliances and generating growth for its clients, will work with Saginaw Future (Saginaw, Michigan) to begin a hands-on implementation of the economic development organization's Medical Devices & Technology Initiative.

The effort is focused on attracting, retaining and assisting in the expansion of life science industries, medical device and diagnostic firms, and medical service providers in the mid-Michigan region.

The work, Sevrain said, will help the state grow its life sciences industry, already one of Michigan's fastest-growing sectors.

“Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instrumentation, diagnostics and biotech research are growing faster in Michigan than in any other state,“ he said. “The Saginaw Valley's role will help keep that momentum going.“

Sevrain was managing director for the startup of Delphi Medical Systems, and also has served as vice president for global technology for the IV Systems and Medical Products division of Baxter International. As a consultant and a company executive, he has been involved in a number of medical device manufacturing start-ups, and holds many patents for his own medical technology innovations.

“Sevrain is an agent of change with extensive experience in start-up companies, which is what we will be creating with this initiative,“ said Saginaw Future President JoAnn Crary.

Like many other Michigan cities, the Saginaw area has historically had a strong presence in the automotive industry, and has lost many auto manufacturing jobs over the last three decades. That auto experience, Sevrain says, is a plus for mid-Michigan – and the state. “I see much potential and opportunity for this initiative,“ said Sevrain. “The Saginaw region understands advanced manufacturing and has a highly-skilled work force in place, which are key advantages to transitioning into medical manufacturing.“

Formed in 1992, Saginaw Future is a public-private partnership of business, government, labor and education. Saginaw Future has agreements in place to provide economic development services for the city of Saginaw, Saginaw County and 15 local municipalities.

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