Lifeline Biotechnologies (Reno, Nevada) said that the company would be relocating its facility in South Florida to Boston in order to cut costs and operate more efficiently. The new facility will be closer to vendors and will include a fulfillment house, which will be used for warehousing and shipping Lifeline's product line, the company said.

Lifeline Biotechnologies' corporate headquarters will remain in Reno.

The existing Florida-based personnel will be retained as support consultants on an “as needed” basis, the company said.

“The new location with an in-house fulfillment will allow us to meet the anticipated demands as we continue to grow and receive orders,” said President and CEO Jim Holmes.

Lifeline Biotechnologies recently reported that it has completed the initial patient testing of its OvaScope product. The micro-endoscope has been designed by Lifeline Biotechnologies to be used by physicians to assist in the early detection of ovarian cancer.