Company* (Country; Symbol)

Company* (Country; Symbol)

Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

ACE BioSciences A/S* (Denmark)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)

Crucell licensed bacterial antigens to accelerate its bacterial antibody discovery program

The license was granted by ACE and the Brigham and Women's Hospital; terms of the deal were not disclosed (11/2)

ActiveSight (unit of Rigaku Americas Corp.)

Inpharmatica Ltd.* (UK)

ActiveSight will provide structural biology services to Inpharmatica

The deal focuses on co-crystallography by ActiveSight of certain Inpharmatica small molecules with a human drug target protein; ActiveSight is entitled to up-front and milestone payments (11/17)

ActiveSight (unit of Rigaku Americas Corp.)

Ambit Biosciences Corp.*

Protein crystallography services agreement to advance drug discovery at Ambit

The deal covers the co-crystallization of Ambit molecules with proteins expressed by ActiveSight; terms were not disclosed (11/1)

Affitech A/S* (Norway)


Collaboration and cross-license agreement covering antibody-related technologies

Affitech gets a license to use XOMA's bacterial cell expression technology; XOMA gets rights to use Affitech's naïve antibody library; terms were not disclosed (11/29)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Vita Genomics* (Taiwan)

Vita got nonexclusive access to Affymetrix microarray technology to develop and market in vitro diagnostics

The license covers tests for alpha interferon treatment response in hepatitis patients, and for early onset and allergic asthma in infants and young children (12/26)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

PathWork Informatics Inc.*

PathWork got long-term, nonexclusive access to microarray technology from Affymetrix

PathWork plans to develop and market in vitro diagnostic tests for cancer under the Powered by Affymetrix program; terms were not disclosed (11/1)

Amarin Corp. plc (UK; AMRN)

Multicell Technologies Inc. (OTC BB:MCET)

Multicell acquired exclusive rights to LAX-202 (now MCT-125) for treating fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients

Amarin is entitled to up-front, milestone and royalty payments from Multicell; it got the product through its acquisition of of Laxdale Ltd. in 2004 (1/3)

Argenta Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Two-year deal to use Argenta technologies to discover compounds against a Genentech drug target

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but do provide options to expand the relationship (12/15)

Avigen Inc. (AVGN)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Genzyme is acquiring all Avigen assets related to adeno-associated vectors, except those related to pain

Avigen gets $12M up front for the gene therapy program and is eligible to receive milestone and royalty payments on resulting products (12/21)

BioCyDex Inc.* (Canada)

BioMS Medical Corp. (Canada; TSE:MS)

BioMS purchased additional equity in BioCyDex, increasing its ownership stake to 49%

BioCyDex is developing technology to deliver antiviral and cancer compounds directly into cells; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/6)

Biolex Therapeutics Inc.*

Kringle Pharma Inc.* (Japan)

Biolex will use its LEX System to create a commercial line for Kringle's NK4 protein

NK4 is an elastase-generated fragment of hepatocyte growth factor, being developed for cancers; terms were not disclosed (10/27)

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp.*

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AUXL)

Auxilium exercised its option expanding its rights to an additional indication for the injectable enzyme AA4500

Auxilium gets exclusive rights to the product for treating frozen shoulder syndrome; it already had rights to the drug in treating Dupuytren's and Peyronie's diseases (12/20)

Biota Holdings Ltd. (Australia; ASX:BTA)

MedImmune Inc. (MEDI)

Deal to develop Biota's small-molecule compounds designed to prevent and treat respiratory syncytial virus

Biota gets $5M up front and R&D payments, and could get up to $107.5M in milestone payments, as well as royalties on sales; Biota retained marketing rights in Australia, China and Southeast Asia (12/14)

Bio3 Research Srl* (Italy) and Creabilis Therapeutics SpA* (Italy)

Cephalon Inc. (CEPH)

Deal to evaluate the compound K252a for treating psoriasis and restenosis

All three companies have certain rights to the compound; Cephalon gets an exclusive option to develop and sell resulting products (12/1)

BioTrove Inc.*

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

BioTrove will perform high-throughput screening on Sirtris targets

BioTrove will use its RapidFire Lead Discovery service in the effort, which represents an expansion of an existing deal (11/9)

Caprion Pharmaceuticals Inc.*


Caprion will identify pharmaco-dynamic markers in plasma relating to preclinical oncology programs at ICOS

Caprion will use its CellCarta proteomics discovery platform in the deal, its second with ICOS; terms were not disclosed (1/18)

Caprion Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

ImClone Systems Inc. (IMCL)

Deal under which ImClone may exclusively license antibody protein targets for use in drug development

ImClone can get rights to any target it selects; Caprion is entitled to an up-front payment, license fees, milestone payments and royalties on any resulting sales (1/10)

ChemDiv Inc.*

ProQinase GmbH* (Germany)

They formed a partnership for the discovery and preclinical development of kinase inhibitors

They will share development costs and any revenues from the planned out-licensing of optimized leads (11/7)

Collegium Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Accentia Bio-pharmaceuticals Inc. (ABPI)

Accentia got U.S. rights to an intranasal steroid product for treating allergic rhinitis

Collegium plans to file a supplemental NDA in 2006 for the aqueous nasal spray formulation; terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/6)

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

Galapagos NV (Belgium; Euronext:GLPG)

Deal to develop compound libraries based on Cresset's molecular fields software

Galapagos division BioFocus has an option to license the technology for medicinal chemistry projects for itself and third parties (12/15)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)


XOMA got a nonexclusive STAR research license for producing monoclonal antibodies and other proteins

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/5)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL) and DSM Biologics (the Netherlands)

ZyStor Therapeutics Inc.*

ZyStor got rights to evaluate the PER.C6 cell line for use in the manufacturing of a specific therapeutic protein

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/21)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Genzyme got a nonexclusive research license for producing monoclonal antibodies

Details on the STAR license were not disclosed (12/19)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)

Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH* (Germany)

VPM got rights to use the PER.C6 cell line to develop a vaccine and diagnostics for an undisclosed infectious disease

Crucell gets a research license fee and annual maintenance fees; further terms were not disclosed (12/8)

De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd.* (UK)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

De Novo will apply its molecular structure-generating technology to a target of interest to Genzyme

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/17)

Dyax Corp. (DYAX)

Debiopharm SA* (Switzerland)

They restructured deal for developing Dyax's DX-890, an inhibitor of neutrophil elastase, for treating pulmonary disorders

Debiopharm gets exclusive rights to a native form of DX-890 in cystic fibrosis and acute respiratory distress syndrome; Dyax gets a milestone payment and retains rights to milestones and royalties from the DX-890 programs (12/20)

Eidogen-Sertanty Inc.*

Cephalon Inc. (CEPH)

Cephalon gained access to discovery informatics software and databases

Cephalon will use the software to support small-molecule discovery projects in its neurology and oncology programs; terms were not disclosed (1/5)

Eidogen-Sertanty Inc.*

Kalypsys Inc.*

Collaboration focused on the discovery of small-molecule compounds for anti-inflammatory indications

Eidogen will design a virtual library of compounds expected to be active against a Kalypsys target; terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/14)

4AZA Bioscience NV* (Belgium)

Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)

Deal to develop compounds discovered by 4AZA for treatment of hepatitis C virus infection

4AZA gets an up-front payment and equity investment from Gilead, which gets world-wide rights; 4AZA also will get research funding and could get milestone and royalty payments (11/30)

Galapagos NV (Belgium; Euronext:GLPG)

Prolysis Ltd.* (UK)

They extended deal from earlier in 2005 focused on a Prolysis program in antibiotic resistance

Galapagos division BioFocus is doing lead-optimization work to identify dual enzyme inhibitors that overcome the problem of resistance; Prolysis will fund work through 2006 (12/30)

Galapagos NV (Belgium; Euronext:GLPG)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

They extended deal under which Galapagos division BioFocus is providing biology and chemistry services for Amgen

The deal will run through 2006 and focus on Amgen's ion channel lead discovery programs; Galapagos gets $2.3M up front and up to a total of $30M in access and researches fees, milestone payments and bonuses (12/7)

Galapagos NV (Belgium; Euronext:GLPG)

Senexis Ltd.* (UK)

Expanded deal to optimize Senexis compounds being developed for Alzheimer's disease

Galapagos division BioFocus will provide medicinal chemistry services to Senexis; terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/2)

Galapagos NV (Belgium; Euronext:GLPG)

Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IDIX)

Galapagos division BioFocus will provide compound collections and medicinal chemistry services to Idenix

The focus is on hepatitis and HIV programs at Idenix; Galapagos can earn up to $2.5M over the two-year collaboration (11/24)

Galileo Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Edison Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

They entered technology transfer and screening agreements

Details were not disclosed; as part of the deal, Galileo gained an equity stake in Edison (11/29)

Genedata AG* (Switzerland)

TransTech Pharma Inc.*

TransTech licensed the Genedata Screener high-throughput screening analysis software

TransTech will use the technology to enhance small-molecule drug development; terms of the multiyear deal were not disclosed (12/14)

Genedata AG* (Switzerland)

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)

Neurocrine licensed the Genedata Expressionist gene expression analysis system

Neurocrine will use the technology for bio-marker discovery and in silico prediction, in discovery programs focused on neurological and endocrine-related diseases (12/7)

Genedata AG* (Switzerland)

Signature Diagnostics AG* (Germany)

Signature licensed Genedata software to help identify gene expression profiles

Terms of the license to the Genedata Expressionist software solution were not disclosed (11/1)

GeneGo Inc.*

Velcura Therapeutics Inc.*

Velcura licensed GeneGo's MetaCore database product under a multiyear deal

Velcura will use the technology for analysis of gene expression and proteomic and other data related to bone formation (11/9)

GenOway* (France)

Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)

Deal to create a services platform offering RNAi vector design through creation of RNAi transgenic rodent models

Each company will contribute technology to the effort; revenues from the co-marketing deal would be shared on an undisclosed basis (12/15)

GenVec Inc. (GNVC)

Mytogen Inc.*

Mytogen acquired GenVec's myoblast cell therapy program; it will keep most employees who managed the program

GenVec is eligible to receive milestone and royalty payments in the deal; the technology is being developed to treat congestive heart failure (12/29)

GPC Biotech AG (Germany; GPCB)

Pharmion Corp. (PHRM)

Pharmion got rights to the Phase III cancer product satraplatin in Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand

GPC gets $37.1M up front; they will share development costs; GPC could get $30.5M in milestone payments, and up to $75M more for up to five subsequent EMEA approvals; another $105M in sales milestones could be paid, as well as royalties starting at 26% (12/20)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)

PDL BioPharma Inc. (PDLI)

PDL got certain exclusive rights to an undisclosed target antigen discovered by HGSI

HGSI is entitled to an up-front licensing fee, development milestone payments and royalties on resulting sales; HGS also got access to PDL's antibody humanization technology (1/10)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Amgen got exclusive rights to develop products based on a gene discovered by HGS; it also got nonexclusive diagnostic rights

The gene may have autoimmune, immune system and cancer applications; HGS gets an up-front payment and annual fees, as well as potential milestone and royalty payments (1/9)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)


CoGenesys got rights to develop products based on certain HGS genes, and to albumin-fusion technology; it is being spun out of HGS

HGS also is providing a $10M startup loan; HGS gets an up-front payment and would get a portion of any revenues; it also retains a right of first refusal to develop certain products that may be developed (12/13)

IDM Pharma Inc. (IDMI)

Pharmexa A/S (Denmark; CSE:PHARMX)

IDM is selling Pharmexa assets related to its infectious disease programs

IDM is getting $12M in cash and certain rights to use Padre and Epitope Identification System technologies that were included in the deal (11/25)

Illumina Inc. (ILMN)

Genizon BioSciences Inc.* (Canada)

Genizon adopted Illumina's whole-genome genotyping technology for disease-association research

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/12)

ImmunoGen Inc. (IMGN)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Genentech got exclusive rights to use Tumor-Activated Prodrug technology with antibodies to an undisclosed target

The deal marks Genentech's fourth license to the technology; ImmunoGen gets a $1M license payment and could receive milestone and royalty payments (12/13)

Ingenuity Systems Inc.*

Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AVRX)

Avalon licensed Ingenuity's Pathways Analysis 3.0 software

Avalon will use the technology in drug and target discovery; terms were not disclosed (1/10)

Intercell AG (Austria; VSE:ICLL)

Pelias Biomedical Development AG* (Austria)

Pelias gained rights to certain antigens that target pathogens in hospital infections

Intercell gets an up-front payment and would get royalties on sales; it also holds a major stake in Pelias, which it helped establish (12/9)

InterMune Inc. (ITMN)

Targanta Therapeutics Inc.*

Targanta acquired oritavancin, an antibiotic that has completed two Phase III trials

InterMune is entitled to $9M in up-front and milestone payments and got a promissory note worth up to $25 million; the note will convert into Targanta stock as objectives are reached (12/27)

Isogenica Ltd.* (UK)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Isogenica will use its CIS display technology to select peptide candidates to certain Amgen targets

Isogenica will get research fees and could receive milestone and royalty payments on resulting products (11/7)

Kreatech Biotechnology BV* (the Netherlands)

Immunicon Corp. (IMMC)

Imunicon got rights to use Kreatech's Universal Linkage System technology

Immunicon will use the technology in a program for detecting cancer cells; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/5)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Lexicon will perform research on a number of targets from Genentech's Secreted Protein Discovery Initiative program

Lexicon is entitled to $25M in up-front, milestone and research funding during the three-year research phase; Lexicon also could receive development milestones, and would get royalties on any sales, or share in costs and profits (12/1)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Taconic Farms Inc.*

Deal for the marketing and licensing of certain knockout mice made by Lexicon

Taconic will provide breeding services and licenses for more than 1,000 lines and distribute the knockout mice (11/11)

Macrozyme BV* (the Netherlands)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Collaboration to explore Macrozyme's small-molecule library as inhibitors of glucosylceramide synthase

The initial focus is on diabetes and insulin resistance; Macrozyme will get research funding and could get milestone and royalty payments (11/24)

Matrix Pharma Inc.*

Safetek International Inc. (OTC BB:SFIN)

Safetek got an option to develop oral, direct thrombin inhibitors from Matrix

The option runs until March 31, 2006; Matrix is entitled to milestone payments in the deal (1/11)

Micromet AG* (Germany)

Haptogen Ltd.* (UK)

Haptogen got research access to single-chain antibody technology from Micromet

The deal was made under Micromet's exclusive marketing deal with Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc., which will get a share of the proceeds (1/18)

Micromet AG* (Germany)

Alligator Bioscience AB* (Sweden)

Alligator got research access to single-chain antibody technology from Micromet

The deal was made under Micromet's exclusive marketing deal with Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc., which will get a share of the proceeds (1/18)

Micromet AG* (Germany)

MedImmune Inc. (MEDI)

They initiated a second program, against an undisclosed target antigen

The companies are using Micromet's BiTE platform in the drug discovery effort; terms were not disclosed (11/21)

Migenix Inc. (Canada; TSE:MGI)

Cutanea Life Sciences Inc.*

Cutanea got rights to develop and market MX-594AN for a number of dermatological indications

Migenix gets an up-front payment and up to $21M in development and sales milestones, as well as royalties on any sales; Phase II trials in acne have been completed (12/8)

MorphoSys AG (Germany; FSE:MOR)

Serologicals Corp. (SERO)

Serologicals subsidiary Chemicon International Inc. will distribute HuCAL-based research antibodies

MorphoSys will develop antibodies against Chemicon targets; MorphoSys will get payments for antibody generation, other potential fees and royalties on all products under the three-year deal (1/10)

Morphotek Inc.*

Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)

Invitrogen acquired Morphotek's cell line evolution service business

Morphotek retained rights to use its antibody and basic evolution technologies for internal development; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/5)

NicOx SA Pharmaceuticals Eurolist: NICOX)

Topigen Inc.* (Canada)

Topigen got North American rights to NCX 1020, a Phase IIa drug for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory disorders

NicOx gets |2M up front and up to |52.9M (France; in milestone and commercial success fees, in addition to a share of future revenues; that total includes fees that could be received if Topigen exercises its option to get rights in the rest of the world (10/27)

Novavax Inc. (NVAX)


IGI extended for 10 years its exclusive license to use certain Novavax technologies

IGI's rights to the Novasome lipid vesicle encapsulation technology, micellar nanoparticles and the Ultrasponge technology cover a number of applications (12/13)

OncoMab GmbH* (Germany)

Acceptys Inc.*

The companies combined their human antibody therapeutic pipelines and their R&D operations

Acceptys got rights to evaluate, acquire and develop all eight lead antibody cancer candidates from the OncoMab pipeline, which will be jointly developed (12/23)

Perlegen Sciences Inc.*

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Collaboration to study the genetics of cancer

They will use Perlegen's high-throughput oligonucleotide array approach in the deal, terms of which were not disclosed (1/6)

Phospho-Solutions LLC*

Vitro Diagnostics Inc. (OTC BB:VODG)

Deal to characterize intra-cellular signaling mechanisms that regulate stem cell growth and differentiation

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/11)

PIramed Ltd.* (UK)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Collaboration to develop PIramed compounds targeting PI 3-kinase, an extracellular enzyme implicated in cancers

PIramed gets an up-front payment and could receive up to $230M in milestone payments up through product approval, as well as research funding and royalties on any sales (11/30)

Protein Sciences Corp.*

Diamyd Medical AB (Sweden; SSE: DIAMB)

Deal for the U.S. development of Diamyd's therapeutic diabetes vaccine named Diamyd

Protein Sciences will prepare an IND filing with the FDA for the vaccine and will manufacture clinical materials; separately, Diamyd made an equity investment in Protein Sciences (1/9)

PR Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OSPI)

Deal to develop a sustained-release formulation of OSI's approved drug Macugen

OSI got rights to use PRP's ProPhase encapsulation technology for eye diseases; PR gets an up-front payment, program support and potential milestone and royalty payments (1/11)

RheoGene Inc.*

Serologicals Corp. (SERO)

Serologicals got a semi-exclusive license to RheoGene's RheoSwitch System and related technologies

Serologicals subsidiary Chemicon International Inc. got rights to use the technology in its research product lines focused on specialty research markets; terms were not disclosed (11/28)

Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SVNTE)

Indevus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IDEV)

Indevus acquired Delatestryl, an injectable testosterone product approved for male hypogonadism

Savient gets an initial payment of $5M and a portion of sales for three years; Indevus also will purchase about $1.9M of inventory (12/13)

Stem Cell Sciences plc (UK; AIM:STEM)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Lexicon gained increased rights to Internal Ribosome Entry Site technology for genetically modified mice

SCS gets an up-front payment and will share revenues from sublicenses; it also got certain rights to Lexicon's gene targeting technology for use in stem cell and progenitor cell lines (11/3)

Telomolecular Corp.*

New Life Scientific Inc. (OTC BB:NWLF)

Collaboration to develop products that treat aging and age-related diseases

They plan to explore potentially synergistic technologies in the deal, terms of which were not disclosed (12/6)

TheraCarb Inc.* (Canada)

BioVeris Corp. (BIOV)

BioVeris got an option to license exclusive rights to a vaccine candidate for Candida albicans

BioVeris paid $75,000, and will sponsor $170,000 of research at TheraCarb, which would be entitled to license fees, milestone payments and royalties if the option is exercised (1/18)

Tranzyme Pharma Inc.*

Open Biosystems Inc.*

OBI licensed exclusive rights to human-based translentiviral gene expression technology

OBI also will assume Tranzyme's operations in Birmingham, Ala.; Tranzyme will get annual payments and royalties on any resulting sales (11/14)

Tripep AB (Sweden; SSE:TPEP)

Inovio Biomedical Corp. (AMEX:INO)

Deal to develop a therapeutic vaccine for hepatitis C virus using Tripep's HCV antigen and Innovio's Medpulser DNA Delivery System

Each will fund a portion of upcoming trials and share any profits according to their contribution; Inovio initially gets 33% ownership in the product, with an option to increase it to 50% (1/17)

Xencor Inc.*

MedImmune Inc. (MEDI)

MedImmune got rights to XmAb engineered antibody Fc domains for creating antibody candidates against tumor targets

Xencor gets an up-front payment and is eligible to receive additional commercial license fees, milestone payments and royalties on any sales (12/7)

Xcyte Therapies Inc. (XCYT)

Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)

Invitrogen is acquiring Xcyte's T-cell expansion technology, known as the Xcellerate Process

Xcyte gets $5M and a percentage of any sublicensing revenue; the deal includes data generated through various trials of the Xcellerated T Cells product (12/15)

ZGene A/S* (Denmark)

Lentigen Corp.*

Lentigen got exclusive rights to certain ZGene multisubstrate kinase genes for certain indications

Lentigen intends to create lentiviral vectors with increased safety features; ZGene is entitled to up-front, milestone and royalty payments (1/9)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

# Item occurred before the time frame of this chart but was not included in the previous chart.

Unless otherwise notes, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AIM = Alternative Investment Market; AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; SSE = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange; VSE = Vienna Stock Exchange.

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