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Clinical Data

CVS Corp.

Clinical Data's PGxHealth Division will provide pharmacogenomics testing for CVS unit PharmaCare Management Services Inc.

PGxHealth will provide pharmacogenomics testing services and help incorporate genetic testing into PharmaCare clinical programs; they also will explore further partnership opportunities (9/14)


AROS Applied Biotechnology (Denmark)

Strategene got an option to exclusively license technology it would use in molecular diagnostics

The technology includes a family of gene expression predictors for bladder cancer;AROS is a contract research organization; terms of the deal were not disclosed (9/8)

Dyax Corp.

Paul Capital Partners

Paul Royalty gained royalty rights to Dyax's phage display licensing program

Dyax gets $30M up front, and could get $5M more if near-term revenue targets are met; the deal includes only the research program and not drugs in development or any Dyax co-development program (8/24)


Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Broad collaboration to develop next-generation drug discovery systems

The electronics company Panasonic is extending its capabilities into the life science industry; terms of the deal were not disclosed (9/8)


Drug Royalty Corp. (Canada)

DRC acquired a royalty interest in Nanogen's minor groove binder technology for real-time PCR applications

Nanogen gets a one-time $20M payment; DRC is entitled to royalties up to a certain threshold on sales between July 2006 and December 2011; they would share royalties above that threshold (10/4)


Imperial Innovations Group plc (UK)

Synairgen licensed rights to interferon-lambda, a recently discovered interferon it intends to develop for asthma

Imperial Innovations gets an up-front fee, and could get milestone payments; Imperial is a technology commercialization and investment company (8/14)

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