• Quinton Cardiology Systems (Bothell, Washington) reported that it has added a new electrocardiograph (ECG), the Eclipse Premier, to its product line. Use of Eclipse Premier can lead to quicker diagnoses, the company said, as health practitioners can receive orders and instantly transmit test results via its built-in wireless data sharing capabilities. Workload is also streamlined with an easy-to-use barcode capability, helping to ensure accurate patient identification and documentation. The Eclipse Premier also takes advantage of the advanced interpretation algorithm, developed by the Glasgow Royal Infirmary at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), which takes into account all five important criteria for clinical interpretation: age, race, gender, medications and clinical classification. This can be critical, the company said, as ECG patterns for patients from different ethnic backgrounds and with differing medical conditions can vary greatly.

• Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Ann Arbor, Michigan) has introduced the VirtuoSaph Endoscopic Vein Harvesting (EVH) System for use in coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). The minimally invasive device provides an endoscopic approach to saphenous vein harvesting in which one small leg incision minimizes scarring, morbidity and infection associated with traditional longitudinal incisions. The EVH System features disposable endoscopic tools inserted through a small leg incision to dissect and harvest the saphenous vein. An endoscope, designed for the system by Olympus (Tokyo), enables viewing of the endoscopic procedure in real-time on a monitor. The disposable tools include a trocar, a dissector rod and a harvester rod that enable one-handed manipulation and conversion between tools during the procedure. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems has combined the VirtuoSaph EVH System with the Terumo Endoscopic Simulator, developed in collaboration with Immersion Medical (San Jose, California), a leader in virtual reality medical simulators. The VirtuoSaph Endoscopic Vein Harvesting System will be marketed by Terumo Cardiovascular Systems in the U.S. and by Terumo companies around the world. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems manufactures products for the cardiac surgery, interventional and neurovascular markets.

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