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Terms/Details (Date)


Celgene Corp. (CELG)

ActiveSight will provide structural biology services to Celgene subsidiary Signal Pharmaceuticals LLC

Efforts will focus on co-crystallography of Celgene's small molecules with a human drug target protein from ActiveSight; ActiveSight gets an up-front fee and potential milestone payments (7/20)

Zentaris Inc.
(Canada; AEZS)

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SPPI)

Spectrum gained rights to the LHRH antagonist D-63153 in all indications in North America and India

AEterna gets an up-front payment in cash and equity, and is eligible to receive milestone and royalty payments; Spectrum gets a portion of any revenues related to development or sales in Japan; rights previously were held by Baxter International (8/12)

Agensys Inc.*

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Genentech got exclusive worldwide rights to develop drugs and diagnostics based on two Agensys cancer targets; Genentech also licensed certain monoclonal antibodies from Agensys

Successful development of antibodies to each target would trigger milestone payments that could exceed $90M; Agensys got an up-front payment and equity investment, and would get royalties on any sales; non-antibody development also would result in milestone and royalty payments; Agensys retained rights to vaccines and certain diagnostic products (7/22)

Ambion Inc.*
and GenScript Corp.*

Benitec Ltd. (Australia; ASX:BLT)

Companies settled U.S.-based patent-infringement litigation

As part of the deal Ambion gained a nonexclusive worldwide license to make and sell DNA-directed RNAi-based products (10/10); Benitec settled litigation with GenScript on similar terms (8/24)


Aphoenix Inc.* (Japan)

Anadys will use its technologies to discover and advance lead compounds against Aphoenix targets in multiple indications

Anadys gets up-front and research payments in the three-year deal, as well as potential milestone and royalty payments (9/9)


QLT Inc. (Canada; QLTI)

Drug discovery collaboration to create a series of small-molecule therapeutics against cancer targets identified by QLT

Array gets research funding as well as potential milestone and royalty payments; further terms were not disclosed (8/10)


Acceleron Pharma Inc.*

Artemis will apply its ArteMice technology to generate a genetically engineered mouse model system for Acceleron

Acceleron will use the mouse model to develop drugs for treating musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders; terms were not disclosed (8/26)


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (REGN)

Regeneron got nonexclusive rights to use gene-switch technology based on ligand-regulated DNA recombination

The sublicense covers internal research purposes only; terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/9)


Evotec Neurosciences GmbH* (Germany)

Artemis will apply its ArteMice technology to help Evotec generate genetically engineered mouse models

Evotec will use the models to study genes thought to be involved in diseases of the central nervous system; terms were not disclosed (7/14)


Biovitrum AB* (Sweden)

Artemis will develop knock-down transgenic mice for use in Biovitrum research programs

Terms of the services agreement were not disclosed (7/7)


Arius Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Arius got a worldwide license to develop and market BEMA transmucosal drug delivery technology

Atrix gets an up-front licensing fee and potential milestone payments, as well as reimbursement for R&D support; Atrix retains co-promotion rights to the BEMA fentanyl product (7/21)


Gentris Corp.*

Deal to integrate Gentris' CYP450 diagnostic products onto the AutoGenomics' Infiniti platform

They intend to introduce a series of panels in pharmacogenomic testing for detecting genetic mutations related to a patient's drug metabolism status (7/27)

Axelar AB*

Biovitrum AB* (Sweden)

Biovitrum acquired a program that includes molecules that inhibit the IGF-1 receptor, which is involved in tumor cell growth

Biovitrum will collaborate on the program with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, which formed Axelar; Biovitrum also will get access to other chemical entities; terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/26)

BioFocus plc

NeuroTargets Ltd.* (UK)

Each will contribute technology to discover compounds that bind to a target involved in nerve repair

NeuroTargets is providing validation and screening and BioFocus discovery expertise in the deal; resulting candidates would be partnered; terms were not disclosed (8/11)

Therapies Corp.
(Finland; HEX:BTH1V)

Somaxon Inc.*

Somaxon got an option to exclusively license North American rights to nalmefene for treating pathological gambling and other impulse-control disorders

BioTie gets a $0.2M option fee and would get a $3M licensing fee and up to $10M in development milestones, as well as royalties on any sales; the license is contigent on a clinical development agreement with the FDA (7/20)

BioWa Inc.*

Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB)

Biogen licensed rights to use Potelligent technology for enhancing antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity

BioWa gets a signing fee, and could receive milestone payments and royalties; Biogen has a right to gain exclusive commercial rights to develop antibodies for an undisclosed number of targets (6/30)

Chiron Corp.

InterMune Inc. (ITMN)

InterMune got nonexclusive rights to develop and sell small-molecule agents against certain hepatitis C targets

InterMune got rights to Chiron patents for use in development of protease inhibitors; terms were not disclosed (9/13)

Cimab SA* (Cuba) and YM Biosciences Inc. (Canada; TSE:YM)

CancerVax Corp. (CNVX)

CancerVax got exclusive rights to three specific active immunotherapeutic candidates targeting the EGFR pathway for cancer in North America, Western Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand; the lead product, SAI-EGF, is in Phase II trials

CancerVax will make access and technology payments of $6M over three years; CancerVax also would pay up to $35M in milestones upon approvals in the biggest markets; milestone and other payments would be made in U.S.-origin goods such as food or medicine, to be used for the food of the Cuban people (7/15)

Crucell NV (the
Netherlands; CRXL)

Vaxin Inc.*

Vaxin gets rights to use Crucell's PER.C6 human cell line technology in recombinant adenoviral vaccines against certain respiratory viruses

Crucell gets an undisclosed up-front payment and annual maintenance fees, as well as potential milestones and royalties (9/13)

Crucell NV (the
Netherlands; CRXL)
and DSM Biologics
(the Netherlands)

MorphoSys AG (Germany; FSE:MOR)

MorphoSys gets rights to Crucell's PER.C6 human cell line technology for use in antibody research programs

MorphoSys also got an option to a license for the clinical and commercial production of antibodies; Crucell and DSM get undisclosed up-front and annual payments (9/8)

Crucell NV
(the Netherlands;
Biologics (the

Syngernics LLC* and Synco Bio Partners Investments* (the Netherlands)

Synergenics and Synco got rights to use the PER.C6 cell line for developing monoclonal antibodies for infectious diseases

Crucell and DSM get an up-front payment and annual maintenance fees; further details were not disclosed (8/20)

CyDex Inc.*

TargeGen Inc.*

TargeGen got rights to use Captisol formulation technology with TG 100-115, a kinase inhibitor being developed for acute myocardial infarction

TargeGen also can use the technology for additional compounds developed in the next five years; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/30)

Cyprotex plc

Peakdale Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

Cyprotex will use its in silico Cloe Screen technology to evaluate the ADME properties of 8,500 compounds

The data will be used to design new compounds; terms were not disclosed (7/1)

Dyax Corp.

Amgen Inc.

Amgen got a nonexclusive license to antibody phage-display libraries for discovering human antibodies

Dyax gets up-front and annual license fees, product license exercise fees, clinical milestone payments, and royalties on sales of any resulting products (7/29)

diaDexus Inc.*

Medarex Inc.

They will develop antibodies to three cancer targets outside of lung cancer under an expansion of an existing collaboration

They will share costs and any resulting profits; separately, Medarex licensed a target in ovarian cancer, for which it will pay diaDexus an up-front payment and potential milestones and royalties (9/16)


NanoMaterials Technology Pte. Ltd.* (Singapore)

Deal to develop a hybrid technology for use in re-engineered drugs

Eifell's Super Critical Fluids technology will be combined with NanoMaterial's High Gravity Controlled Precipitation technology under undisclosed terms (6/29)



Deal to develop a long-acting formulation of Pharmagene's PGN0052, a synthetic version of human secretin in Phase IIa trials; it initially is being developed for cystic fibrosis

Enzon will apply its PEGylation technology in an attempt to improve the properties of the product; Enzon gets an initial fee and a potential milestone payment; they could enter a deal to share equally in costs and profits, terms under which Pharmagene could get $47.5M in license and milestone payments; or a deal could entail Enzon getting certain co-marketing rights and royalties on worldwide sales (9/16)

Evotec OAI AG
(Germany; FSE:EVT)


Evotec will supply medicinal chemistry resources to support Lectus' discovery and development programs

Terms were not disclosed; the work will focus on ion channel programs in urinary bladder disorders, angina and hypertension (8/2)

Evotec OAI AG
(Germany; FSE:EVT)

ActivBiotics Inc.*

Deal to apply Evotec technology to a lead-optimization program at ActivBiotics in anti-infectives

Evotec will use its new rational drug design platform, EVOrationale, in the deal, terms of which were not disclosed (7/29)

Evotec OAI AG
(Germany; FSE:EVT)


Evotec will support development of a dual-action antibiotic at Morphochem

Evotec's EVOdevelop chemical and development platform will be used in the effort; terms were not disclosed (7/21)

eXegenics Inc.

NLC Pharma

eXegenics licensed to NLC its QCT drug discovery technology

eXegenics could receive up to $20M from royalties, licenses or the sale of QCT technology to third parties (9/8)


Auvation Ltd.* (UK)

ExpressOn will apply its array technology to up to 20 target genes provided by Auvation, and design silencing reagents

ExpressOn gets up-front payments and milestone payments on any silencing reagents selected for drug development (8/12)


Celera Diagnostics (venture of Celera Genomics Group and Applied Biosystems Group)

GenData will provide DNA samples and clinical data to support discovery by Celera of genetic markers associated with an autoimmune disease

Celera Diagnostics is doing the work on behalf of Celera Genomics; terms and specific details were not disclosed (9/15)

GTx Inc.

Tessera Inc.*

Collaboration to develop a test to detect high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

GTx will provide clinical samples from its completed Phase IIb trial that evaluated Acapodene (toremifene citrate) in the condition; terms were not disclosed (7/27)


Haemonetics Corp.*

Harvest sold its blood conservation technologies to Haemonetics

Haemonetics gains technologies that are synergistic to its own; terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/30)

Hybridon Inc.

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALNY)

Alnylam got an exclusive license to target vascular endothelial growth factor with RNAi molecules for ocular indications

Hybridon received an up-front payment and is eligible for future milestone payments and royalties (8/3)


ICOS Corp.

Iconix will provide chemogenomic profiling and analysis technologies to ICOS

ICOS will apply the platform to develop an understanding of preclinical drug responses; terms were not disclosed (6/24)

Illumina Inc.

Galileo Genomics Inc.* (Canada)

Galileo purchased two Illumina genotyping systems to map candidate regions in at least five gene discovery programs

Illumina also licensed the diagnostic rights to Galileo's osteoarthritis gene discovery program; the deal is worth more than $1.5M to Illumina (8/19)

Illumina Inc.

Genomas Inc.*

Deal to design and validate gene marker panels that will have application in personalized medicine for obesity

Genomas will use the Illumina BeadStation 500GX to discover markers for use in PhysioTypes, predictors incorporating haplotypes from various genes with other information; terms were not disclosed (7/20)


Exelixis Inc.

Invitrogen will provide Exelixis high- throughput screening assays for drug discovery in single live cells

Exelixis will use the assays for lead discovery and optimization; terms of the deal were not disclosed (8/12)


CombiMatrix Group (CMBX; unit of Acacia Research Corp.)

Existing deal was expanded three years and will include two siRNA HIV candidates for preclinical development; irsiCaixa also will do virology work in hepatitis C

CombiMatrix and potential partners will pursue preclinical development, with irsiCaixa providing research as appropriate; irsiCaixa gets research funding and potential milestone and royalty payments (7/20)


Cell Genesys Inc. (CEGE)

Deal for preclinical evaluation of Juvaris' cationic lipid-DNA complexes with certain Cell Genesys product candidates

Juvaris' immunostimulant platform will be used by Cell Genesys in tumor applications and test systems; terms were not disclosed (7/20)

Medivir AB
(Sweden; SSE: MVIR)

Biovitrum AB* (Sweden)

Collaboration to develop a drug candidate for Type II diabetes

They will use Medivir's protease expertise and Biovitrum's knowledge of metabolic diseases in the effort; terms of the deal were not disclosed (7/16)

(Canada; TSE:MYG)

EnVivo Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

EnVivo exercised its option to license isotypic-selective small-molecule histone deacetylase inhibitors for treating neurodegenerative diseases

MethylGene gets $1.1M in license and research payments, and a potential milestone payment based on early development; they will jointly fund development and would share any resulting profits (7/13)


Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Portola licensed a Factor Xa inhibitor program from Millennium, from which it was spun out in November 2003

Portola will make milestone and royalty payments to Millennium upon achievement of certain events, in exchange for the exclusive, worldwide license (8/5)


Gene Logic

Gene Logic acquired a technology program for preclinical and clinical drug development, focused on identifying the best indications for drugs, along with an associated six- person research team

Gene Logic is paying $3.5M in cash or stock, $1M to the researchers and granting Millennium a three-year license to its toxicology database; the first project is Millennium's MLN4760, formerly studied for obesity, for which Gene Logic could receive various payments and sales royalties; Gene Logic also acquired Millennium's MC-4 antagonist program (7/23)

Mirus Bio

Genzyme Corp.

Genzyme got nonexclusive rights to use Mirus' technologies in its research programs

The deal includes Mirus' hydrodynamic gene- delivery technology; terms were not disclosed (9/8)

Mologen AG
(Germany; FSE:

Starvax Inc.*

Starvax licensed the dSLIM-based DNABarrier II product in China and elsewhere in Asia

Mologen gets €1M up front and potential milestone and royalty payments; Mologen will invest €0.8M in the clinical development program in China (7/12)

Morphotek Inc.*

Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

PDL gets access to Morphodoma and Suppressor of Immunoglobulin Production technology, and Morphotek gets access to technology for antibody humanization

Morphotek has an option to move from a research to commercial license on humanized antibodies; PDL has options to exercise commercial licenses for antibodies in all therapeutic areas; terms of the deal were not disclosed (7/19)

M's Science

AGY Therapeutics Inc.*

AGY got exclusive rights to a sigma receptor agonist, AGY-94806 (SA4503), which AGY initially plans to study in stroke recovery

AGY intends to take the compound into Phase II trials in stroke recovery by early in 2005; AGY also got rights in traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, as well as rights to license additional CNS indications; terms were not disclosed (7/20)


Creabilis Therapeutics Srl* (Italy)

Collaboration to develop an improved variant of CT500, an anti- MGB1 variant protein

Nautilus' technology will be used to improve the pharmacodynamic profile of the product; terms were not disclosed (9/3)



NeoGenesis will apply its technologies to the discovery of drug candidates against selected targets

Terms and details of the collaboration were not disclosed (8/26)



Deal to develop NeuroSearch's Endovion (NS3728), a chloride channel blocker for treating cancer

TopoTarget will fund all future development and the companies will share any revenues under undisclosed terms (8/12)

Novosom AG*

Nucleonics Inc.*

Deal to apply Novosom's Smarticles formulation technology to the delivery of Nucleonics' expressed RNA interference-based therapeutics

Terms of the deal involving Novosom's liposomal formulations were not disclosed (8/17)

Technologies BV*
(the Netherlands)

SurModics Inc.

SurModics got an option to exclusively license two classes of biodegradable polymers

The polymers would be used in delivering drugs from medical devices; terms were not disclosed (6/29)

Orexo AB*

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ENDP)

Endo got exclusive rights in North America to Orexo's sublingual mucoadhesive fentanyl product, Rapinyl

Orexo gets $10M up front and up to $22M in milestone and other payments through FDA approval; Orexo also would receive double-digit royalties and potential sales milestone payments (8/18)


Xantos Biomedicine AG* (Germany)

Xantos acquired access to the TrueClone Collection of full-length human cDNA clones

Xantos uses the clones to identify and functionally validate novel targets; terms were not disclosed (8/9)

BioMedica plc

Viragen Inc. (AMEX:VRA)

Viragen gets worldwide exclusive rights to use LentiVector technology in its collaboration with the Roslin Institute

Viragen and Roslin are developing avian transgenic technology; Oxford gets an up-front license fee and annual maintenance payments, as well as potential milestones and royalties (7/6)

Technology BV*

Inyx Inc.

Signed letter of intent under which Inyx would acquire technology for developing inhalation therapy drugs delivered in aerosol formats

The deal was expected to be completed 60 days after signing; terms were not disclosed; the technology uses a lipid-binding matrix for delivering incompatible or unstable drug substances to mucosal membranes (7/22)


Biomira Inc.
(Canada; BIOM)

Phenomenome will perform metabolome analysis to discover markers for efficacy of cancer treatments

Details on the deal were not disclosed (7/12)



Genentech gets access to forward genetics technology to identify targets fortreating immune disorders

Phenomix gets an up-front payment and an equity investment, and also will get research funding and potential milestone payments; Phenomix retains rights to develop products based on certain targets (7/12)


Pharming Group NV (the Netherlands; Euronext:PHARM)

Pharming acquired the patent portfolio of PPL, which is selling its assets

The IP includes patents on recombinant human fibrinogen and recombinant tissue sealant compositions, as well as for production of recombinant proteins; terms were not disclosed (8/23)


Icon Genetics AG* (Germany)

Two-year deal to develop plant cell lines as a platform for expressing recombinant proteins

Icon's amplification technologies will be used with Protalix expression systems based on plant cell cultures; terms were not disclosed (6/22)

Provalis plc

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Chiron got a 12-month option to evaluate Provalis' protein-based vaccine to prevent Group B Streptococcus infection

Chiron Vaccines paid an option fee and has the right to exclusively license or acquire the vaccine candidates, in exchange for milestone and royalty payments (7/1)


Australian Cancer Technology Ltd. (Australia; ASX:ACU)

ACT acquired North American rights to develop RP101, a Phase I/II product being developed for pancreatic cancer

As part of the deal ACT will acquire 10% of RESprotect; further terms were not disclosed (9/10)


Prion AG* (Switzerland)

Roboscreen licensed its prion protein-specific monoclonal antibody to Prionics

Prionics will use the antibody in diagnostic tests; terms were not disclosed (8/18)

Seattle Genetics

Celera Genomics Group (NYSE:CRA)

Collaboration to jointly discover and develop antibody-based therapies for cancer

Seattle Genetics will screen cell-surface proteins discovered at Celera as antigen targets; they will co-fund development and would share any resulting profits; either party may opt out of a particular product in exchange for royalties; Seattle Genetics also could earn milestones for any co-developed antibody-drug conjugates (7/21)

Structures LLC*

Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc.*

Shamrock will provide integrated structural proteomics services for an ICT protein target

Shamrock gets an up-front fee and potential milestone payments; additional terms were not disclosed (8/5)


Biogen Idec Inc.(BIIB)

Collaboration to discover and develop small-molecule cancer drugs targeting kinases; they will use Sunesis' Tethering technology in the effort

Sunesis gets a $7M technology access fee and $14M equity investment up front, as well as research funding over four years, along with potential milestone and royalty payments; Sunesis retains co-development and co-promotion options (9/7)


MGI Pharma Inc. (MOGN)

MGI gained exclusive worldwide rights to Dacogen (decitabine), a drug being developed for myelodysplastic syndromes

MGI is purchasing $40M of SuperGen stock at $10 per share and paying up to $45M in regulatory and commercial milestones; MGI also will pay at least $15M to support further development and would pay sales royalties of 20% to 30% (9/1)

Pharma Inc.*

Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TPPH)

Supratek will apply its Biotransport formulation technology to Tapestry compounds

Supratek can get milestone and royalty payments in the deal; Tapestry will fund development and would commercialize any resulting products (7/22)

The Immune
Response Corp.

NovaRx Corp.*

NovaRx got rights to cancer cell line vaccines that IMNR had licensed from the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

NovaRx is paying $1.05M for the rights; it previously licensed other Sidney Kimmel technology from IMNR, for which IMNR has received milestone payments (9/8)

Tranzyme Pharma Inc.*

Gentris Corp.*

Deal to develop cell lines for diagnostic assays to evaluate responses to drug treatment

Gentris will provide genetic sequences on alleles involved in metabolism and Tranzyme will create human cell lines; they will jointly own resulting cell lines (6/24)

Trine Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Mpex Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Mpex got exclusive rights to Trine's intellectual property in the field of bacterial efflux pump inhibitors

Terms of the deal were not disclosed; Trine is the successor company to Microcide Pharmaceuticals Inc. (8/9)

Valentis Inc.

Genzyme Corp.

Expanded deal giving Genzyme increased use of Valentis' GeneSwitch technology

In return, Valentis gets certain rights to Genzyme's static mixer technology for use in plasmid DNA manufacturing (9/7)

Vernalis plc

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ENDP)

Endo got exclusive rights to market Vernalis' approved migraine product Frova (frovatriptan) in North America

Vernalis gets $30M up front, $15M payments for each of the first two years, and would get $40M upon approval in menstrually associated migraine; Vernalis also gets sales milestones of up to $255 if all targets are achieved; it also will get royalties on sales (7/14)

Vernalis plc

Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB)

Deal to advance Vernalis' adenosine A2A receptor antagonist program, which targets Parkinson's disease and other CNS disorders

Vernalis gets a $10M license fee and a $6M investment from Biogen Idec, which gains exclusive worldwide rights to Vernalis' lead compound, V2006, and a backup compound; its also has option rights to the program; the deal value could reach $100M, excluding royalties, for Vernalis, which also has a U.S. co-promotion option (6/24)

ViroPharma Inc. (VPHM)

SIGA Technologies Inc. (SIGA)

SIGA purchased early stage biodefense assets, including IP on developing drugs for smallpox and hemorrhagic fever viruses

ViroPharma received $1M in cash and 1M SIGA shares, which were worth $1.48M at the time of the deal (8/25)

Viventia Biotech Inc. (Canada; TSE:VBI)

Acceptys Inc.*

Acceptys got an exclusive right to evaluate a Viventia collection of fully human cancer antibodies

Viventia gets an up-front payment, acquisition fees and potential milestone and royalty payments on any sales of antibodies that Acceptys licenses and develops (8/18)


Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

Broad collaboration to research, develop and sell protein and antibody drugs based on discoveries by ZymoGenetics

Serono is paying $20M for rights to license an unlimited number of proteins over five years, and buying $50M of ZymoGenetics stock; it also can license 12 ZymoGenetics programs over five years, and it licensed rights to fibroblast growth factor 18 and the IL-22 receptor; they will co-develop interleukin-31; ZymoGenetics gets $11.25M up front from those licenses, and could get license fees and milestones from all products selected by Serono, as well as royalties or profit sharing on any sales (9/8)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

# Item occurred before April 20 but was not included in the previous chart.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AIM = Alternative Investment Market; AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; HSE = Helsinki Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; SSE = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.

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