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Advanced Biotherapy Inc. (OTC BB:ADVB)

Innogenetics NV (Belgium; Euronext:INNX)

Agreement combining Innogenetics' humanized antibody to interferon-gamma (INNO 202) and ABI's interferon-gamma intellectual property

Proceeds from the cross-licensing deal will be shared; rheumatoid arthritis is their first target; both companies may continue to license their intellectual property rights to third parties (5/5)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Immusol Inc.*

Immusol will use GeneChip technology to identify pathways from its engineered tumor cells in biological assays

Immusol seeks to discover and characterize new and existing targets for cancer therapies using the Affymetrix technology; terms were not disclosed (6/22)

Amphora Discovery Corp.

Caliper Life Sciences Inc. (CALP)

Caliper acquired cell culture techniques, as well as upgrades Amphora implemented on Caliper's microfluidic screening system

Amphora will get a combination of cash, Caliper products and royalties based on sales of cell-based assays (5/6)

Aptanomics SA* (France)

Nanosyn Inc.*

Aptanomics will use its peptide aptamer technology to screen Nanosyn's small-molecule libraries for cancer applications

Once hits are identified, Nanosyn will use its chemistry technologies to provide Aptanomics arrays of small molecules and other chemistry services; terms were not disclosed (5/4)

Avidex Ltd.* (UK)

Active Biotech AB (Sweden; SSE:ACTI)

Collaboration to create targeted immunotherapeutics for cancer using their protein molecule platforms

Active is contributing its superantigen protein and Avidex its platform of tumor antigen-specific human monoclonal T-cell receptors; terms were not disclosed (5/13)

Biomax Solutions Inc.*

Geospiza Inc.*

They will integrate and jointly sell their bioinformatics systems

Resulting products will be designed to turn DNA sequencing data into discovery information (6/9)

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (OTC BB: BSTC)

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Auxilium licensed certain therapeutic applications for a BioSpecifics' enzyme

Auxilium will pay license fees and potential milestones and royalties, as well as a fee for manufacturing, in exchange for exclusive worldwide rights (6/7)

Cellectis SA* (France)

Murinus GmbH* (Germany)

Murinus got nonexclusive rights to use homologous recombination to replace or in- ert genes in the mouse genome

Murinus can develop and sell genetically modified mice in Europe and the Middle East under undisclosed terms (5/13)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Prosetta Corp.*

Prosetta got nonexclusive rights for research and development related to certain hepatitis C virus drug targets

The deal is the first under which Chiron offers licenses that have no up-front or annual fees but could result in milestone and royalty payments (6/22)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Oxford Biomedica plc (UK; LSE:OXB)

Oxford acquired certain rights to Chiron technology in the area of gene therapy

The technology complements Oxford programs in gene therapy; terms were not disclosed; separately, Chiron purchased 316,026 Oxford shares at 17.23 pence per share (6/7)

CombinatoRx Inc.*

Immtech International Inc. (AMEX:IMM)

CombinatoRx will screen Immtech aromatic cationic compounds DB289 and DB75 against various cancers

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/5)

Cytomyx Holdings plc (UK; LSE:CYX)

Paradigm Therapeutics Ltd.* (UK)

Deal to produce and sell mammalian cell lines containing the ion channel subunit SCN3B

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/5)

Cytomyx Holdings plc (UK; LSE:CYX)

CellFactors plc* (UK)

Deal to develop and sell human brain-derived cell lines that were created at CellFactors

Cytomyx will further validate 11 NeuCell lines and commercialize them worldwide; they would share revenues (4/20)#

Dyax Corp. (DYAX)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Genzyme got nonexclusive rights to antibody phage- display libraries for the discovery of human antibodies

Dyax gets an up-front license fee and potential milestones and royalties; Genzyme has an option to convert the license from research use to antibody development, and to fund research work by Dyax (6/2)

EiRx Therapeutics plc (Ireland; LSE:ERX)

OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OSIP)

OSI exercised an option to license four apoptosis gene targets and move them into drug discovery in oncology

OSI for a year had been evaluating about 12 targets, and licensed four of them; EiRx gets up-front and consultancy fees, and potential success fees and milestones for each target (5/5)

Evotec OIA AG (Germany; FSE:EVT)

NeuroNova AG* (Germany)

Deal to identify small-molecule compounds that interact with a Neuronova target for depression and anxiety

Evotec will provide technologies and services to the collaboration, terms of which were not disclosed (6/14)

Evotec OIA AG (Germany; FSE:EVT)

Nuvios Inc.*

Evotec will screen small- molecule compounds for osteoporosis applications

The goal is to discover novel activators of bone anabolic activity; terms were not disclosed (5/19)

Evotec OIA AG (Germany; FSE:EVT)

Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GLFD)

Deal under which Evotec will identify small-molecule compounds that interact with certain Guilford targets

Evotec will get research fees and milestones based on successful preclinical development (5/13)

Formatech Inc.*

Mirus Therapeutics Corp.*

Mirus acquired formulation/ drug delivery technologies from Formatech

Mirus plans to develop improved formulations of existing drugs, and to partner the technology; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/17)

4SC AG* (Germany)

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

Serono got exclusive worldwide rights to 4SC's program of small-molecule dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitors for autoimmune diseases

4SC gets an up-front payment, research funding and potential milestones that together could total $67M; it also would get royalties on sales; the deal includes the lead Phase I compound, SC12267 (5/4)

Genedata AG* (Switzerland)

MWG Biotech AG* (Germany)

Co-marketing agreement to offer functional genomics services for partners

The Genedata Phylosopher platform will be used with MWG products; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/11)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Tercica Inc. (TRCA)

Tercica gained rights to insulin- like growth factor-1 combined with insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3

Tercica paid $1.3M in exercising its option; the exclusive license covers all indications outside of CNS disorders and is worldwide except for diabetes outside the U.S. (6/15)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)

Peptimmune Inc.*

Peptimmune licensed worldwide rights to GT389-255, a candidate for obesity and other metabolic disorders

Peptimmune plans to file an IND on the product later this year; it will pay Genzyme royalties on any sales and share payments from any partners for the drug (5/10)

Geron Corp. (GERN)

CXR Biosciences Ltd.* (UK)

Collaboration, along with the Roslin Institute, to develop human embryonic stem cell- derived hepatocytes

They will be used in in vitro assays of drug metabolism and toxicity; Geron and CXR would commercialize resulting products; terms were not disclosed (5/20)

GTx Inc. (GTXI)

DiaDexus Inc.*

GTx will provide clinical data from a trial of Acapodebe in men with high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

DiaDexus will use the data to develop an assay or test to detect high-grade PIN and/or prostate cancer; terms were not disclosed (6/15)

Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GLFD)

Symphony Neuro Development Co.*

Symphony licensed U.S. rights to the neuroimmunophilin ligand GPI 1485 in Parkinson's disease and uses related to HIV and erectile dysfunction

SNDC investors got five-year warrants to purchase 1.5M Guilford shares at $7.48 per share; Guilford has an option to reacquire the product for $75.1M to $119.8M; SNDC was formed specifically for this deal (6/18)

Incyte Corp. (INCY)

Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG* (Germany)

Ingenium acquired two patents related to genetic rat and mouse models

Ingenium previously had a license to the patents, Nos. 5,994,075 and 6,015,670; terms were not disclosed (5/12)

Intercell AG* (Germany)

Solvo Biotechnology Inc.* (Hungary)

Solvo got an exclusive license to develop a diagnostic product for detecting PIBF in human patient samples

The deal covers Intercell's progesterone-induced blocking factor technology; terms were not disclosed (6/23)

Juvaris BioTherapeutics Inc.*

SomaGenics Inc.*

Deal to combine RNA-based gene-inhibition technology of SomaGenics with Juvaris' immunomodulatory and vaccine technology

The initial focus is on developing a product that could be used to elicit both non-specific and specific protection against anthrax and anthrax toxin; terms were not disclosed (5/12)

Labopharm Inc. (Canada; TSE:DDS)

Debiopharm SA* (Switzerland)

Labopharm will research the potential oral delivery of a Debiopharm cancer drug

Labopharm will apply its nanodelivery systems technology (asmicelles technology) in the deal, terms of which were not disclosed (6/16)

Lantibio Inc.*

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG* (Austria)

AOP will assume control of developing Moli1901 in Europe for treating cystic fibrosis

Lantibio gets undisclosed up-front payments as well as potential milestones and royalties; AOP is planning a Phase II trial in Germany (5/26)

LGC Ltd.* (UK)

ChemOvation* (UK)

Collaboration to combine technologies in order to improve offerings to drug discovery companies

They will bring together ChemOvation's medicinal and organic chemistry and LGC's biomeasurement cell-based testing capabilities; terms were not disclosed (5/6)

Mimetix Inc.*

Symbollon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC BB:SYMBA)

Symbollon acquired assets on iodine drug development, which it will use in its IoGen program

Symbollon issued 550,000 shares for the assets, which include trial data from women with fibrocystic breast condition treated with molecular iodine (6/14)

Mologen AG* (Germany)

MEBO International Group (China)

Agreement to develop comb- ination treatments against cancer

They will combine Mologen's fourfold immunomodulated tumor cells and MEBO's herbal extracts; they would file for joint patents on resulting products (4/27)#

Nautilus Biotech* (France)

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

Collaboration to develop therapeutic proteins with improved characteristics

Nautilus will design and validate protein variants; Serono would develop and market resulting products; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/21)

Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR)

SciClone Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SCLN)

Deal to use Nektar technology to develop a pegylated form of Zadaxin

The SciClone product is being developed for treating hepatitis C; terms of the deal were not disclosed (5/26)

Orphan Therapeutics LLC*

ESP Pharma Inc.*

ESP acquired rights to intra- venous terlipressin, a drug in Phase III trials for Type I hepato-renal syndrome

ESP will make up-front and potential milestone and royalty payments in exchange for exclusive rights in the U.S. and Canada (6/8)

PamGene International BV* (the Netherlands)

Jerini Peptide Technologies (unit of Jerini AG*; Germany)

Collaboration to combine technologies to provide a new offering for kinase studies

The resulting product offering would have applications in signal transduction-focused research; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/22)

PamGene International BV* (the Netherlands)

Innogenetics NV* (Belgium; Euronext:INNX)

Innogenetics gets access to PamGene's microarray tech- nology platform for the development of assays

PamGene gets an up-front payment, milestones as tests reach the market, and royalties on sales in exchange for the exclusive license to its PamStation 12 instrumentation in certain indications (5/27)

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. (Canada; TSE:PLI)

Hemosol Inc. (Canada; TSE:HML)

Hemosol licensed plasma- separation technology developed by ProMetic and the American Red Cross

Hemosol issued 2M shares to ProMetic and will pay license fees of C$15.5M (US$11.3M) over four years, as well as issue another 1M shares; the cascade-purification technology is used to recover proteins from human plasma (6/2)

Prosidion Ltd. (UK unit of OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc.; OSIP)

Probiodrug AG* (Germany)

Prosidion purchased dipeptidyl peptidase IV technology, which is in Phase II trials for treating Type II diabetes

Probiodrug gets $35M in cash and potential development milestones; OSI is investing another $50M in Prosidion and will own 96% of the subsidiary (6/18)

ProteomTech Inc.*

Pivotal BioSciences Inc.*

ProteomTech will help Pivotal with protein expression and development processes for PB1

The product is an analogue of interleukin-2; terms were not disclosed (5/5)

Raven Biotechnologies Inc.*


ICOS got an exclusive option to license five Raven monoclonal antibody candidates with applications in cancer

Raven will receive an up-front payment as well as potential milestones and royalties on sales; further terms were not disclosed (6/9)

Seattle Genetics Inc. (SGEN)

CuraGen Corp. (CRGN)

CuraGen licensed antibody- drug conjugate technology for use with its antibodies in treating cancer

Seattle Genetics gets $2M up front and up to $28M in milestones if two products are developed; CuraGen also will pay other fees and would pay royalties on sales (6/22)

Senetek plc (SNTK)

Ardana Bioscience Ltd.* (UK)

Ardana will manufacture and market Senetek's Invicorp erectile dysfunction treatment in Europe

Ardana assumes all reponsibility in Europe for the injectable product; Senetek can earn regulatory and sales milestones, as well as royalties on sales (6/21)

SkyePharma plc (UK; SKYE)

Trigenesis Therapeutics Inc.*

SkyePharma licensed to Trigenesis dermatology assets that include residual rights to three marketed products, six pipeline products and various delivery technologies

SkyePharma gets up-front payments for each of the six development products, as well as potential milestones, which together could exceed $20M; it also would get 10% royalties and 35% of any sublicense fees (4/29)

Syntonix Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Dyax Corp. (DYAX)

Collaboration to discover and develop antibodies for auto- immune and inflammatory disorders

Syntonix will provide assays, reagents and certain preclinical development work, and Dyax will screen for candidates using its antibody libraries; development and financial terms were not disclosed (5/13)

TopoTarget A/S* (Denmark)

CuraGen Corp. (CRGN)

Deal to develop TotoTarget's PXD101, a histone deacetylase inhibitor that is in Phase I trials for cancer indications

In exchange for worldwide rights excluding Europe, CuraGen is making a $5M equity investment and paying $5M in license fees, up to $14M over 36 months in milestones and research support, and up to $27M more in milestones; they would pay reciprocal sales royalties; CuraGen also got an option to additional HDAC compounds for which it would pay up to $1M in license fees and $30M in milestones per product (6/3)

Valentis Inc. (VLTS)

Juvaris BioTherapeutics Inc.*

Juvaris got exclusive rights to Valentis' plasmid backbone in conjunction with its DOTIM cationic lipid for use in therapeutic vaccines

Valentis will receive cash payments and be eligible for development milestones and royalties on sales (6/4)

Vectura Ltd.* (UK)

SkyePharma plc (UK; SKYE)

SkyePharma will use Vectura's Aspirair dry-powder inhaler for delivering certain macro- molecules

SkyePharma invested £2M (US$3.7M) in Vectura, or 4% of the company, for the non-exclusive rights; further terms were not disclosed (6/2)

ViroPharma Inc. (VPHM)

SIGA Technologies Inc. (SIGA)

SIGA is acquiring certain viral research programs targeting agents that could be used in biological warfare

ViroPharma gets $1M in cash and 1M SIGA shares; the targets include smallpox and hemorrhagic fever viruses (6/9)

Xerion Pharmaceuticals AG* (Germany)

Stemline Therapeutics Inc.*

Collaboration to identify novel protein targets expressed on cancer stem cells

They will share costs and revenues from the deal, under which they will apply Xerion's Xstream technology to Stemline's cancer stem cell platform (6/9)

XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. (Israel; LSE:XTL)

Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST)

Worldwide license deal for XTL's Phase II product HepeX-B for preventing hepatitis B re-infection in liver transplant patients

Cubist will fund development and be responsible for sales; XTL will get collaboration support and $3M over two years, as well a potential $3M regulatory milestone payment and 10% to 17% on net sales (6/3)

ZymoGenetics Inc. (ZGEN)

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Amgen got exclusive world- wide rights to ZymoGenetics' patents covering a metabolic disease target

Amgen is purchasing $10M of ZymoGenetics stock, as well as paying an up- front license fee and potential downstream consideration (5/20)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

# Item occurred before April 20 but was not included in the previous chart.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.