Company* (Country; Symbol)

Company* (Country; Symbol)

Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

Abmaxis Inc.*

Y's Therapeutics Co. Ltd.* (Japan)

Collaboration to develop a human monoclonal antibody targeting an antigen overexpressed in many tumor types

Abmaxis will discover antibodies specific to the antigen and Y's will further develop the product; Abmaxis gets rights in China and Y's in the rest of the world; financial terms were not disclosed (3/2)

Access Pharmaceuticals

Undisclosed delivery company

Collaboration to assess Access's Nanoparticle Aggregate Technology

Research will focus on delivery of therapeutic proteins; terms were not disclosed (3/23)

Biosciences Inc.*

Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)

ActivX will further characterize the activity of certain compounds supplied by Gilead

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (4/5)

Laboratories Inc.
(Canada; AELA)

Ardana Bioscience Ltd.* (UK)

Ardana acquired global rights to Teverelix and the underlying microcrystalline suspension technology

AEterna subsidiary Zentaris GmbH gets an up-front fee, guaranteed fixed annual payments until 2006, and potential royalties; the product is an LHRH antagonist (4/2)

Affibody AB* (Sweden)

Mabtech AB* (Sweden)

Deal to develop diagnostic kits for detecting disease-related proteins

Affibody will supply affinity ligands to Mabtech, which will develop and commercialize the diagnostics; Affibody would get royalties on resulting sales (4/1)

Affibody AB* (Sweden)

Finnzymes Oy* (Finland)

Affibody will develop specific affinity ligands for use in kits for polymerase chain reaction

Finnzymes will sell the resulting kits; Affibody is entitled to milestones and royalties, in addition to payment for ligands (3/24)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Spectral Genomics Inc.*

Spectral gained a worldwide license to certain Affymetrix patents on DNA arrays for use in the diagnostics market

The license supports Spectral's Constitutional Chip, to be introduced in 2004, as well as specialty arrays for use in cancer diagnostics; terms were not disclosed (3/1)

AngioGenex Inc.*

BioCheck Inc.*

Deal to develop cancer diagnostic and prognostic products based on the Id-gene platform technology

BioCheck gets rights to develop and sell products based on AngioGenex's technology; AngioGenex would get royalties on resulting products (4/22)

AnorMED Inc. (Canada;

NeoRx Corp. (NERX)

NeoRx acquired rights, outside Japan, to AMD473, a platinum- based cancer agent

AnorMED got $2M up front and could earn up to $13M in milestones, as well as royalty payments of up to 15% (4/5)

Archemix Corp.*

Eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EYET)

Collaboration to discover new aptamers for use in treating ophthalmic diseases

Archemix gets an undisclosed up-front payment, as well as milestones and royalties on resulting products; Eyetech will be responsible for all clinical development (4/14)

Avant Immuno-
therapeutics Inc.

Adprotech Ltd.* (UK)

Adrotech got nonexclusive rights to certain components of Avant's intellectual property in complement inhibition

Avant gets undisclosed up-front fees and potential milestone and royalty payments (4/7)

Biobase GmbH* (Germany)

GPC Biotech AG (Germany; FSE:GPC)

GPC licensed Biobase's Transpath signal transduction database

Terms of the license deal were not disclosed (3/1)

BioDelivery Sciences International Inc. (BDSI)

Accentia Inc.*

BDSI licensed to Accentia a topical formulation of encochleated amphotericin B

Accentia will pay BDSI royalties of 12%-14% on U.S. sales of the product for chronic sinusitis; BDSI retains worldwide rights to oral and intravenous formulations (4/13)

Biomira Inc. (Canada; BIOM)

Prima BioMed Ltd. (Australia; ASX:PRR)

Biomira is providing Prima unit CancerVac access to its MUC1 protein for use with CancerVac's Mannan-MUC1 fusion protein therapeutic vaccine

Biomira acquired 10% of CancerVac and an option for exclusive worldwide rights to the product following Phase IIa trials in ovarian cancer; CancerVac could get up to $15.4M in up- ront and milestone payments, as well as royalties, from that part of the deal (3/10)

Cerus Corp. (CERS)

MedImmune Inc. (MEDI)

Deal to use Cerus' technology with MedImmune's program targeting the EphA2 protein to develop cancer vaccines

Cerus gets an undisclosed up-front payment and development funding, as well as potential milestones and royalties; MedImmune is responsible for clinical testing and commercialization (4/21)

Cognia Corp.*

BioSeek Inc.*

BioSeek licensed the Cognia Molecular information management system

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (4/22)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)

NeoTropiX Inc.*

License agreement for Crucell's PER.C6 technology covering R&D in viral therapy in oncology

NeoTropix gets nonexclusive rights in exchange for undisclosed up- ront and annual payments: NeoTropiX has an option for a commercial license (3/16)

CyDex Inc.*

Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY)

Array got rights to use CyDex's Captisol system in formulation studies

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (3/9)

CyDex Inc.*

Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)

Gilead gained limited use of CyDex's Captisol formulation system

Details of the deal were not disclosed (3/4)

Discovery Partners International

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VRTX)

DPI will use its rapid library synthesis and medicinal chemistry to help advance a Vertex research program

Terms of the drug-discovery chemistry agreement were not disclosed (4/19)

BioSciences Inc.*

Biosite Inc. (BSTE)

Biosite got certain diagnostic rights to cysteinylated albumin, a biomarker for ischemia

DMI would get milestones and royalties on resulting diagnostics; Biosite would get royalties on any products DMI commercializes that are covered by DMI's licenses under the agreement (3/4)

EraGen Biosciences Inc.*

Promega Corp.*

License deal giving Promega exclusive rights to quantitative gene- xpression assays for the life science research market

Promega got global distribution rights to resulting assays, which will incorporate EraGen's nucleic acid detection system (3/9)

EsbaTech AG* (Switzerland)

Viventia Biotech Inc.* (Canada)

Deal to investigate if EsbaTech's antibody technology can enhance characteristics of Viventia antibodies, with a view to developing cancer drugs

EsbaTech gets an up-front payment and research funding; Viventia has an option to license the technology for clinical development, in exchange for milestones and royalties (3/16)

Evotec OAI AG (Germany; FSE:EVT)

Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Deal under which Panacos will use medicinal chemistry from Evotec to identify candidates for HIV

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (3/25)

Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG* (Germany)

Genmab A/S (Denmark; CSE: GEN)

Genmab licensed Ganymed's GT43 cancer target

Ganymed is entitled to undisclosed license fees and milestone and royalty payments (4/26)

Genencor International Inc. (GCOR)

Innogenetics NV (Belgium; Euronext:INNX)

Genencor is selling its therapeutic vaccine program to Innogenetics

Genencor's collaboration with Epimmune Inc. will be transferred in the deal; Genencor will get $10M in the first year and up to $87M in development milestones, as well as sales royalties (3/30)

Genomics Collaborative Inc.*

Celestar-Lexico Sciences Inc.*

Partnership to combine technologies to create a large-scale profile of genes expressed in human breast cancer

If a pilot study is successful, the companies would increase the scale of the expression database, and ultimately partner to market the database (3/31)

Geron Corp. (GERN)

XenoTrans Ltd.* (Australia)

XenoTrans got rights to use Geron's nuclear transfer technology to produce transgenic pigs for transplantation uses

Geron gets a 25% equity interest in XenoTrans, and will receive a share of the company's future revenues (4/27)

Geron Corp. (GERN)

Xcellsyz Ltd.* (UK)

Xcellsyz got a nonexclusive license to Geron's human telomerase reverse transcriptase technology for research uses

The license is limited to cell lines that also include a recombinant conditionally inducible oncogene; Geron gets a license fee, equity in Xcellsyz and royalties on any sales (3/29)

InDex Pharmaceuticals AB* (Sweden)

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

Serono receives exclusive worldwide rights to InDex's Kappaproct for ulcerative colitis and potentially other inflammatory diseases

InDex will receive an initial fee, R&D funding and potential milestone payments, which together could total $35M if the product gains approval in one indication; InDex also could get sales royalties (2/23)#

Inpharmatica Ltd.* (UK)

Biotica Technology Ltd.* (UK)

Inpharmatica will provide ADME services to Biotica for two years

Biotica intends to develop rapamycin analogues and other anti-proliferatives; terms were not disclosed (4/19)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIS)

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

The companies are combining technology and expertise to develop RNAi therapeutics

Alnylam paid Isis $5M for licenses to RNAi patents, and could pay more based on development and licensing; Isis invested $10M in Alnylam, and will provide access to capabilities in development and manufacturing; the broad deal includes other provisions calling for payments to each other or the sharing of resulting revenues (3/11)

IviGene Corp.*

Oragenics Inc. (OTC BB:OGEN)

Oragenics licensed applications of a technology that enables the identification of targets implicated in the onset and progression of disease

Oragenics gained exclusive worldwide rights in cancer and tuberculosis, as well as in agricultural and other nonhuman uses; IviGene would get royalties from any resulting products or sublicenses, and potential milestone payments (3/4)

MakScientific LLC*

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ENDP)

Endo got exclusive worldwide rights to MakScientific's library of compounds with selective cannabinoid receptor agonist activity

The license covers the areas of pain and certain central nervous system disorders; Endo will make an undisclosed up-front payment and potentially will pay milestones and royalties (3/1)

Manteia SA* (Switzerland)

Lynx Therapeutics Inc. (LYNX) and Solexa Ltd.* (UK)

The companies jointly acquired rights from Manteia to technology for DNA colony generation

The planar cluster technology eventually will replace Lynx's Megaclone technology and be combined with Solexa's sequencing biochemistry; terms were not disclosed (3/25)

Medarex Inc. Co. Ltd. (MEDX)

Sinova Biotech (China; OTC BB:SNVBF)

Sinova will conduct preclinical tests of a fully human antibody to SARS provided by Medarex

Medarex and the University of Massachusetts Medical School shipped a sample of the antibody; details were not disclosed (4/26)

Merix Bioscience Inc.*

Geron Corp. (GERN)

Geron acquired exclusive rights to use Merix technology in therapeutic cancer vaccines using telomerase as an antigen

Geron issued Merix 5M shares that were valued at about $44.8M; Geron also got co-exclusive rights to use the technology in cancer vaccines using other antigens, and Merix retains rights outside of telomerase; they also agreed to a cross-licensing deal covering new technology in the field (3/10)

Micromet AG* (Germany)

BioInvent International AB (Sweden; SSE:BINV)

BioInvent got a nonexclusive license to the Micromet and Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc. single-chain antibody patents

BioInvent will use the technology in discovery programs; Micromet gets an up-front payment, annual fees and potential sublicensing fees, all of which will be shared with Enzon (4/21)

Micromet AG* (Germany)

Arizeke Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Arizeke got a nonexclusive license to use Micromet's single- chain antibody technology for developing drug delivery technologies

Micromet gets an up-front fee and annual payments, as well as milestone and royalty payments on resulting products (3/29)

Morphochem AG* (Germany)

The Genetics Co. Inc.* (Switzerland)

Morphochem will use its structural biology tools to support the beta-secretase program at The Genetics Co.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (3/30)

Neose Technologies

MacroGenics Inc.*

Neose will apply its technologies to MacroGenics proteins to improve their therapeutic properties

MacroGenics can take a limited number of compounds into development; MacroGenics will fund further development; Neose is entitled to various option, milestone and royalty payments as products are developed (4/26)

NeuroSearch A/S (Denmark; CSE:NEUS)

PainCeptor Pharma Corp.* (Canada)

PainCeptor acquired exclusive rights to undisclosed technology for use in pain programs

NeuroSearch gained a stake of 14.7% in the company formed by the merger of Antalium Inc. and NeuroCeptor Inc. (3/22)

NuVue Technologies Inc.*

ThromboGenics Ltd.* (Ireland)

Collaboration on development of plasmin-based products to treat visual disorders

ThromboGenics got access to technology for induction of posterior vitreous detachment to use with its recombinant microplasmin; terms were not disclosed (3/10)

Ortec International Inc. (OTC BB:ORTN)

ES Cell International Pte. Ltd.* (Singapore)

Ortec will supply ESI with human skin cells in a collaboration to develop human embryonic stem cell-derived cell therapy products

Ortec gets undisclosed up-front payments and potential milestones and royalties (4/28)

Phylos Inc.*

Cosmix Molecular Biologicals GmbH (Germany)

Cosmix acquired nonexclusive rights to the PROfusion mRNA peptide display technology

Terms of the deal were not disclosed; Cosmix is a subsidiary of Gryphon Therapeutics Inc. (4/5)

Poly-Med Inc.*

Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Canada; ANPI)

Angiotech licensed from Poly-Med a portfolio of absorbable and biodegradable polymers and drug delivery technologies

Terms of the deal, which expands a relationship started in 2001, were not disclosed; they will collaborate to develop products from the licensed technologies (4/14)

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. (Canada; TSE:PLI)

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

Laboratories Serono SA gained access to ProMetic's protein purification technology

Serono will fund development of an affinity adsorbent to isolate and purify a protein of interest; terms were not disclosed (3/10)

Purely Proteins Ltd.* (UK)

Inhibox Ltd.* (UK)

Companies will offer discovery services based on combining their computational and screening technologies

The program began with drug-screening programs for families of human phosphatases, kinases and proteases; terms were not disclosed (4/22)

RMR Technologies LLC*

Viragen Inc. (AMEX:VRA)

Viragen acquired rights to a gene delivery technology to be used to develop avian transgenic technology

The agreement with RMR and the University of South Florida covers electroporationtechnology; it will be used to develop a platform for producing human therapeutic protein drugs (3/30)

Scynexis Inc.*

Norak Biosciences Inc.*

Scynexis will identify new leads for Norak's drug targets by producing compound libraries and then optimizing clinical candidates

Norak gets exclusive worldwide rights to resulting products in exchange for undisclosed technology access fees and other compensation for Scynexis technologies and services (4/13)

SemaCo Inc.*

CancerVax Corp. (CNVX)

CancerVax got an exclusive, worldwide sublicense to telomere homologue oligonucleotide technology for use in cancer applications

CancerVax also has a right of first refusal for other applications of the T-oligos technology, which was developed at Boston University and licensed to SemaCo, which was formed by a BU researcher (3/15)

Structural GenomiX Inc.*

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

SGX will apply its FAST tech- nology to generate lead compounds for Serono kinase and phosphatase targets

SGX will receive up-front, research and development milestones of up to $68M, as well as royalties on sales; Serono is responsible for development and sales (3/23)


Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Exclusive, multiproduct collaboration on the development of antibody products for cancer

Costs and revenues will be shared on a 70- 30 basis, with Chiron's share being 70%; XOMA will receive $10M and a loan facility of up to $50M to fund its share of development expenses (3/1)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

# Item occurred before Feb. 27 but was not included in the previous chart.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; SSE = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.