Year-end figures show 2003 to be a strong year, as the industry raised about $16.5 billion, a sizable up-tick over the $10.25 billion brought in a year earlier. As the financing markets swung back, the 2003 figure ranks second in terms of total funds ever raised in the industry.

These findings and more are revealed in the BioWorld Biotechnology State of the Industry Report 2004. Compiled and published by the editors of BioWorld Today, this 443-page report contains hard data from every facet of the industry: new product development, biotech stock performance, corporate deals and scientific breakthroughs.

"BioWorld's Biotechnology State of the Industry Report is an exhaustive retrospection on the events that shaped biotech in 2003," says Managing Editor Brady Huggett. "It encompasses stock performance, mergers, IPOs, drug approvals, pharma deals - if it was notable in 2003, you'll find it in the report."

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