Company* (Country; Symbol)

Company* (Country; Symbol)


Terms/Details (Date)

Agencourt Bioscience Corp.*

Various companies

Agencourt signed deals for distribution of its SPRI nucleic acid-purification chemistry technology

Agencourt signed deals with GenWorks Pty. Ltd. (Australia and New Zealand), Bluestar Ltd. (India), Pharmatech Inc. (Korea), Biolaboratories Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and Genetic Research Instrumentation Ltd. (UK and France) (1/21)

Ambion Inc.*

Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE:ABI)

Ambion's siRNA products and Applied Biosystems' PCR reagents

The companies will co-market the products for performing and monitoring the gene-knockdown effects of RNA interference in mammalian systems (1/19)

Bioxel Pharma Inc. (Canada; TSE:BIP)

Cell Therapeutics Inc. (CTIC)

Bioxel will sell cGMP paclitaxel to CTI

The deal is worth at least C$1.2M (US$895,000) to Bioxel (2/19)

Corautus Genetics Inc.*

Qiagen NV (the Netherlands; QGENF) and Strathmann Biotech AG* (Germany)

VEGF-2 plasmid for anticipated Phase III trials and future commercial use

Strathmann and Qiagen will manufacture the product; terms were not disclosed (1/8)

Epoch Biosciences Inc. (EBIO)

Celera Diagnostics (joint venture of Celera Genomics Group and Applied Biosystems Group)

Nonexclusive deal for incorporation of Epoch technology into Celera products for certain infectious diseases

The license allows Celera to sell TaqMan probes that use Epoch's minor-groove binder and quencher in certain products; Epoch gets license fees and royalties on any end sales (2/10)

SpectruMedix LLC*

Transgenomic Inc. (TBIO)

Transgenomic will distribute SpectruMedix's Reveal Genetic Analysis systems in Europe

Transgenomic's European marketing and sales organization will market and service the systems; terms were not disclosed (1/21)

Nanogen Inc. (NGEN)

Transgenomic Inc. (TBIO)

Transgenomic will distribute Nanogen's NanoChip Molecular Biology Workstation in certain Western European countries

Transgenomic's European marketing and sales organization will market and service the instrument; terms were not disclosed (1/15)


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