The U.S./Canadian 2004 Biotechnology VC Directory and European 2004 Biotechnology VC Directory, produced by BioAblity and published by BioWorld, have been released.

More VC profiles for the U.S. and Europe have been added, and Canadian firms also have been included. 504 different venture capital firms are included in the U.S./Canadian edition, and 244 firms in the European edition. More than 1,200 individual contacts are listed in the U.S./Canadian edition, and more than 500 contacts in the European edition.

"Besides the addition of more VC profiles, there are also focus areas' for some of the VCs," said Brady Huggett, Managing Editor of BioWorld Today. "That allows companies to pinpoint VC firms that have a specific interest in a science or technology that the company is involved in, whether it be vaccines, therapeutics, platform technologies or another area."

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